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This is not an advertisement-goal post.

In the last few days, I created again a new logo for a hypothetical business, following the path of a periodical initiative with which I decided to share the steps of the creation process of the corresponding logo. You find the summary of the steps in the paragraphs below. In some ones of the posts in this periodical initiative, you can find the phrase "Join LOGOBAKERY": if you want to know more, you can CLICK ON THIS LINK. Summarizing, Logobakery is an initiative with which I create simple logos for initial and non-professional use, which can then be purchased in case a hypothetical customer wants to do it.

In seeking of attentions

For this initiative, I thought of some rather special services, intended for those who need a higher level of attention than they have: escorting service. The text I have thought of is very simple and comes from my mother tongue, even if it is not directly connected to this kind of activity: Fedeli.

First, I opened the vector graphics suite I use, the open-source Inkscape (you can find more information on the official website, CLICKING HERE). I created the text name with a serif font, rounded and with a serpentine appearance. In truth, the font is very simple, and I think the writing is quite legible. I then varied the color of some letters to give a more contrasted and captivating effect. The colors, however, are not the definitive ones, they only served me as a starting scheme.

The second step was forced by a personal note: the "f" in the fedeli text seemed to me too little pronounced compared to the rest of the name, so I decided to make it more impressive by slightly enlarging it.

Having chosen the basic scheme, I decided to get down to work, looking for the right colors for the final scheme. I opted for colors very similar to fuchsia and pink, as well as a dark gray for the text that I needed as a description.

Having determined the main pattern of my logo, I created a greater characterization for the initial letter, the "f". I created duplicates with which I obtained a sort of gradual gradient shading of color, instead of the classic shades ending in transparency.

I finished by inserting the letter "f" characterized within the complete logo.

As a further demonstration, I created a kind of single-sided business card, consisting of two parts with a wavy border, one white and the other more colorful.

Finally, I created a dark surface on which to place business card examples stacked on top of each other.


As you could see, this work was very simple and fast, and a result that I don't mind at all immediately emerged. Please remember the usual rhyme: the name "fedeli" doesn't refer to any existing subjects, nor does it refer to anything real. In these initiatives of mine, I propose combinations that are often paradoxical, in strong contrast to each other, or with ironic tones. I underline it: the terms used don't want to be offensive in any way, nor to infringe the rights of anyone.

I hope I left you with a smile or some ideas. I am giving you an appointment for the next episode that I will publish in the coming weeks. Other logos are ready to be baked. Said this...

Goodbye and to the next post!


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I don’t understand if this is an exercise or something you do like a job?
Anyway, great logo, I like it!


For now, it's only an example, not a specific logo asked me by a customer, if that's what you mean.