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RE: King's Cross - My Favourite London Railway Station

in Liketu2 years ago

I think that's the emptiest I've seen it. At Christmas even.


It was, except for my train which was full and I was crammed into a table of four with 3 fat youngsters, all coughing and spluttering and wearing coloured lanyards around their necks stating they were medically exempt from wearing masks lol Bless...

Stay woke bruh, no sus, bussin dawg.

I don't do tags, simply tell things how I see 'em ;-) 'Woke' is like the new SJW....I'm happiest just to be called human, for all my faults and foibles !

Hopefully you'll be continuing where you left off soon, will be looking forward to reading about your adventures :-)


Single Jewish Woman? I probably should've goggled it.

Big assumption there. Actually non-binary but open for interpretation whether 'they' are ternary, octal, hexadecimal or even base32. When humans have to define themselves using mathematical terminology, the end of the world is nigh.

As the 'luckiest man you know' you are bordering on 'probability' yourself. Don't cross that tipping point !

Proba.. Tippi.. I'd DM you to know exactly how to interpret that but maybe ignorance is what they say it is.

....bliss...which is how I hope life is treating you and Pura :-)

Too funny. I couldn't have scripted that one better if I tried. Thanks for spLeLing it out. Cheers Nathen.