My results using Lensa's AI self-portraits - MYSTICAL STYLE

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AI is already here and capable of some pretty amazing things. One of the most popular AI software right now is called Lensa. You may have already heard of it, but if not here is the link to try it out:

When I saw what this thing is capable of, I knew I had to see what my results looked like. I uploaded 20 photos of myself from various angles and then paid $3 for 100 unique images. The results were astounding.

Some of the artworks looked wonky, but many of them looked absolutely incredible. The app couldn't decide whether it wanted me to be bald, have a receded hairline, and sometimes have long hair randomly. This unpredictability makes using Lensa so much fun. You can pay $3 over and over for 100 images and you will always receive different results.

The way it works is you get 10 photos from 10 different art styles. My personal favorite for my self-portraits was the Mystical category. That's what you will see in this post. I will be sure to share other styles and also some results of @flowerbaby in future posts.

I love how this app makes my beard look so epic. I look mythological with a perfect beard. There are a few photos of myself fully bald and I actually like how I look. There was also a time when it gave me head tattoos. This made me think how cool it would be to accept going bald, shaving my head, and then getting some badass head tattoos. For now, I'll just stick to seeing this through the eyes of AI.

Most of the images in this post turned out pretty good, some I'd say even great. That does not mean that Lensa is perfect though. A few of my other styles had some pretty ridiculous results and I cannot wait to share those funny ones later down the road. Liketu only lets me add 10 photos at a time, so I think that makes it perfect to just share each style as a different post.

Have you tried Lensa or another AI like it yet? I'd be curious to see your results if you are willing to share. Artists certainly have new competition now. The software hasn't quite caught up to human talent, but I'm sure it will eventually and one day may even surpass what a human is capable of.

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Wow! this AI is spectacular, in all of them you look great, I'm impressed with the result, I would like to take one to recreate it in my manual drawing style, you know. If you give me permission, it would be a challenge for me.

In all of them you still look like the actor of the very successful novel The Sultan Suleiman(Muhteşem Yüzyıl), I'm a big fan, I'm watching the series for the third time, I'm already on chapter 103. I never get tired of watching it, even more knowing that it's part of a true story.

My favorite


AI is capable of some great things, but I think human artists such as yourself still have the edge.

I will never hold back artistic creativity, so yes of course you’re free to create something in your own style.

I had to look up that actor, but I just agree that we do look a lot a like.


I think you two are twins.

hahaha! I love Sultan Suleiman!

When I get my image ready I will share it with you, it will take me time, it takes me days to do it.

I will await the results patiently.

I was going to try this app but it cost money. Cool photos though. Hope you are well my friend. It's been a long time since I wrote on your post but I'm trying to be more active on Hive again.

I was pretty annoyed that it costs to use, but the results were worth it. You can get a 7-day free trial to have access to the magic avatars and then you just pay $3 for 100 images. It's not a bad deal, but I do think it should be free. They could easily rely on in-app advertisements as popular as the app is.

Glad you are getting active on Hive again. Now is a great time to get involved again because many people are stepping away due to the drop in prices.

These look amazing. It is quite impressive how AI tools are stealing jobs out of the hands of professionals. I wonder what paying a professional Photoshop artist to create similar pieces would cost compared to the meager 3 dollars you paid for these results.

I agree, I was stunned that they looked so good. I know people who create art very similar to this and I imagine that they are pretty nervous about what is happening.

Depends what part of the world the artist lives in, but here in the USA it could easily cost over $100 for this type of artwork.

I think you look a bit like a dragon age character.

AI is so smart it is crazy.

That makes me very happy to read! Dragon Age is one of my favorite RPG video game series ever!


Wow! man awesome. Your portraits remind me of Vikings. Skoll
I haven't tried lensa yet. I'll give it try.

They really do an awesome job of bringing out my long-lost heritage. I am obsessed with Norse mythology and any movie/tv show/video game that is Viking-related. So thank you so much!

I believe I must have some Viking in my bloodline somewhere.


Haha awesome dude

I will try this amazing software and check my look. It can change your bear colours many time. Your beard look very beautiful. This type of software helps to check your different looks. Thanks for sharing this amazing app with us.

If only my beard was this glorious in real life. Don't get me wrong, I can grow a great beard... but it never seems to look quite as luscious as the AI makes it out to be.

This is so cool and nice with the look of a Roman empire.

That Roman-looking one with long hair is epic! I have never had hair that long in my life. It doesn't look bad at all.

Yeah no doubt about that

Ok, hair doesn't suit you :)

I actually prefer the bald look to the long hair, so I think you are right. I need to shave all my hair off and get some crazy head tattoos.

So, it all comes down to the final question..

Would you say you are one handsome motherfucker?

It doesn't really matter aslong as you're not a fuck boy😂😂 which on all accounts you're not 😂

Loving the pics broh, theyy look somewhat viking-ish

I think I'm closer to being a handsome motherfucker than an ugly motherfucker 🤣

Thanks man! I promise not to rape and pillage too much 🪓

Wow - these are awesome! Thanks for sharing, @daltono

Annabelle 😊

I was amazed at how well some of these captured me. AI and I are becoming friends.

These renditions are awesome! I love how realistic they are. I am gonna try this after the holidays LOL.

It’s well worth a few dollars to see your own results. You can even submit celebrity photos if you get tired of looking at yourself haha.

These are definitely interesting man. I've never seen this before. I'm gonna check this site out and try to do my own thing. Your beard is awesome man. The AI is aware of that 😂.

You really need to check it out. The results are quite fascinating and it is so easy to do.

Two words.. KRATOS COSPLAY!! 💪😎🤙🎅



What have you done, Bro? !LOL

Your beard actually gets cooler in those different versions.
I'm sure you will never throw away your beard, even if it's in your dreams.

I will always have a beard, but I’m not sure I’ll ever have one quite like the AI-version of myself.

The outcome you got is really awesome daltono!!

you look like character of god of war, really brave!

God of War is one of my favorite games ever, so that is a huge compliment. Thanks so much bro!

The results are stunning. For sure that will take a lot of time to finish if it is done manually or traditional way.

I’m thankful we now have this option to execute quick masterpieces.

The results are awesome especially the first one. You look like one of the characters from Vikings movie😎

The more comments about looking like a Viking that I get, the more my desire to visit Northern Europe one days increases.

Hehe, it's obvious you've had that desire to visit there for a long time. I hope you fulfill it someday.

Dear @daltono, for a moment I thought that you had found the most expeditious magic way to recover the thinning hair that every day is more noticeable on my head!

AI is here to stay. There are many advances that we will see as time goes by.

I see lensa it is very funny, maybe I will use it at some point to fill me with optimism with my hair. But I assure you that I will not publish it¡ ja ja ja...

Keep sharing these fun finds my friend.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year¡

Yes, my dear friend @daltono, it was, I think, just a bad joke!, In fact I still have enough hair considering my age. It is something natural that comes little by little as the years go by. Many times it also results in something genetic, inherited from parents, etc.

However, I think I would evaluate very well if the time came to remove all my hair. You said it yourself, it's a matter of looking good and more important to accept and feel good about yourself.

Take care of yourself, and again I wish you all the best for this Christmas and beyond!

Hair loss is a real thing 🫠
It’s best to accept it as early as we can. There are plenty of bald people out there who look great!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well.

Lensa is a powerful AI tool. The images are pretty neat, clear cut and have some 'life' to it. The first portrait definitely makes you look like a mythological figure of the ancient days, could be one of the Greek gods.

Lensa will definitely take a run with the artist's money lol. It will take some time for an artist to draw these while it only take a few seconds for the AI to generate these images.

That first one is by far my personal favorite of the bunch.

It’s insane how quickly these types of creations can be produced by AI. Humans won’t be able to keep up with that kind of productivity.

The first one is just spot on!

Exactly, we will just have to see them as a tool and utilize them.

And with Hive and just posting about ur spending, you already made your 3$ back ^^

BOOM! You nailed it on the head. That is one of the beautiful things about Hive.


Come of it, this is looking amazing


ideal for us to take portraits the AI ​​surprises us more every day

AI is ready to work any day at any time.

I hadn't heard of that program but I think it's great to be able to have selfies of oneself

It’s one of the top downloaded apps right now. Everybody seems to be posting images like this during the past month.