My Work Routinity as a Health Analyst

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Hello Everyone πŸ€—
Today i will share a little story about my routine as a health analyst where i work, namely in one of the private hospitals in my city. Usually on weekdays a lot of patients come for treatment, in a day i usually treat 15-20 patients during my working hours.

My job is to check the patient through the blood i take from the patient and then i analyze it using medical devices which are usually to check whether or not there are diseases in the patient's body such as blood sugar, cholesterol, knowing blood type and other diseases that can be checked through the blood.

Besides blood, i usually also analyze urine, feces, sperm, phlegm and others to determine the condition of the patient. After that, i also made a data report on the results of checking into a notebook or data on a computer for patient files which would later be forwarded to the doctor at my hospital who handled the patient directly.

As a health analyst of course being a conscientious person is my responsibility, i really enjoy my job and love what I do as a health analyst. Of course, i hope that everyone in the world can live healthy and free from all diseases.

Thank you for those of you who have visited my article, i hope you will like my stories and experiences in the article. In addition, i will be very happy if you provide feedback on my articles and let's be friends with each other in this Hive Platform. See you in my next post guys πŸ˜„

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Nice.. you should check out the Med-Hive Community. It's a place you may find a good niche for..