RGB Sound lights that dance with music

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I tend to buy random bits of technology now and then. Things TikTok made be buy is a popular trend and I look forward to seeing things Liketu makes me buy!
I picked up these sound activated LED lights. Everybody loves a bit of RGB, right?

Each tower comes with a stand. The functionality of these involves an embedded microphone that listens for sound in the surrounding area and translates this to an LED pattern on the tower. There are several light modes to choose from and it’s pretty easy to setup.

The version I bought requires a micro-USB cable for power and as I generally like to keep my desk wire free, it’s not the best solution. There are battery powered versions too apparently but even with that option, my honest opinion of these are underwhelming.
The build quality of them is flimsy and I literally ripped off part of the tower when peeling off the protective film, oops.

The microphone’s range is limited so for optmial functionality you’ll have to blast music or drum your knuckles a little harder if that’s your thing.

I can see people wanting to have these on their desks when playing some music but for me, my desk space is better saved and this is just a little too much RGB for me. What's the last bit of tech that you bought?

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The setup here is fire. It belongs in one of those promo posts from the manufacturers of such things!

Perhaps if they sponsored me 😂 Sadly the product isn't any good...

As with a lot of things these days, it just has to look good in pictures lol

Looks awesome!🔥🔥

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