Hang out at URBAN CAFFEE & TEA

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This is one of my favorite places to hangout with friends,,,This place is named URBAN CAFFEE & TEA

This cafe is located in the city of Langsa, Aceh - Indonesia,Road A Yani in front of the PM (Military Police) office.

This cafe is one of the most visited by people who like to hangout with friends and family.Many types of drinks and food are also provided there.

And the place is very comfortable, and there are seats inside and outside many benches and tables are provided for us to enjoy eating or drinking there.There is also a glass room with air conditioning but no smoking inside.

Here there are many people who don't care about the environment when smoking... even though it's really not good for other people, isn't it?when we are in a place there are lots of people who are only a meter away from our table.

So for those who can't stand the smell of cigarette smoke, it's more comfortable to sit and relax in a glass room without the smell of cigarettes at all.It's also good for parents who bring their children to relax in there.

And I ordered a drink Ovomaltine milk brown sugar So far, the drinks are very delicious, fresh, with a taste of milk and brown sugar added with some boba to make us feel fuller too .And my friend ordered chocolate coffee And double espresso the taste is no less fresh and delicious. Because what is used is original coffee #kopiAceh

I took this picture using camera xiaomi note 7

Hope you like it ❤️❤️

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