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In this opening picture, you can see an adult female in a defensive pose. The black markings on the forelegs are prominent in this pose and make the mantis look like the head of some strange creature.
This is the slender male with long antennae. Both males and females can be green or brown in a nice variety of shades.
Here you can see a brown, wingless nymph. The mantis in this photograph is cleaning its feet. It's important to keep them clean to be able to stick to vertical and slippery surfaces.
This is a silhouette of another adult male. Can't tell you what was the color here. It's an old photograph, taken in the summer of 2008.
This is a green nymph. As you probably noticed, mantises can be fairly often caught in interesting poses.
Here you can take a very good, up-close look at the face of an adult female.
This is a green adult male. This one has lovely red antennae.
Here you can see another portrait of another green nymph.
Here you can see another lovely male with a great combination of green, red, and yellow.
The post started with a mantis in a defensive pose. Since I like to have the start and finish connected, whenever I can, in this last photograph, you can see the same kind of scene, but as a silhouette this time.

The photographs in this post were taken on various occasions and in various locations around the southern parts of Istra. All of them show one insect species, the European mantis (Mantis religiosa) in its various versions, poses, and stages.
And that's it. Hope you like the mantises. I certainly do. They are such fantastic animals. Many tropical species are more colorful and exuberant, but this European one is also a joy to photograph.


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Great photos 🤗

Thanks 🙂

Me encantaron estas imágenes, esas poses de las mantis religiosas son realmente fascinantes. Hay arte aquí. Felicidades.

Gracias. 🙂 Las mantis son muy fotogénicas. Me alegra que te guste la publicación. Saludos.

Great photos of these mantises. Undoubtedly, one of the most incredible predators within the phylum Arthropoda, also one of my favorite insects. Too bad that where I live it is difficult to find them, but they are always very admirable organisms. Thank you very much for sharing about these insects, the pictures are really very good.

Thanks. 🙂 Glad you like the post.

Awesome!... Lovely mantis, great shots, very well done @borjan friend!


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These photos are absolutely amazing. I've always love mantis, they have so much personality. I have always saved them when I found them indoors, but gosh, I wish I could take photos of them like that. I really love the silhouettes with the wings out. Have you ever seen the babies coming out of the alien looking egg casings before? I found one that was busy hatching out and the babies are ridiculously small but so cute.

I have seen the small ones coming out of the egg case a couple of times. 🙂 But always when I was a kid and I had no idea how to take a macro photograph. Furthermore, digital photography wasn't even invented making things even more complicated.
I hope, I'll see the hatching again, now that I have the right macro equipment.

I hope so too, I'll look forward to that post Borjan, they are really so sweet when they are teeny tiny. Really cool little creatures and you capture them so well.

That's a nice shot
Everything I do love in your picture was so vivid and so clearly to gaze at.
The last time i saw this creature was in my childhood.

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There are so many animals in my place, but unfortunately I can't take pictures like you, something ordinary would be more beautiful if you took the picture, sir

Wow, what amazing pictures.

I appreciate the time and effort you put in capturing this lovely pictures.


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These are amazing Photography