Little Snail

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On this occasion I will post some photos of small yellow snails. The size is about 1/2 cm. They live in flowerpot soil.
Snails are usually active in cool times such as morning and evening.
They like moist or wet soil.
I took some pictures very close up. To help shoot these tiny animals, I added a macro lens to the smartphone camera.
Another name for the snail is mollusca gastropod. He walks on his stomach. Snails have a shell to protect their bodies.

Scientific classification:

Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Euarthropoda
Class : Gastropoda
Source :

CategoryMacro Photography
Photos by@askari
CameraSmartphone Oppo + Macro Lens

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Wow, beautiful yellow snail. I've never seen a snail with these colors in my life, maybe they do not live in my country.

Nice shots you've taken 👍

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