Harvest time in my garden and stories about growing cucumbers around my house

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Greetings my brothers and sisters in #NatureLovers I want to continue my journey about farming cucumbers in my yard

Of course it's great to be able to greet all of you on this happy day, of course I want to capture the amazing moment in cucumber farming. has entered the 3rd week which will soon enter the harvest and fertilization period, take a look at some of the developments in the simple garden in my yard.

The land that I use is right in my house circle, this is used land from farming in the rice fields but has been neglected for a long time, I took the initiative to plant young plants or plants that have a fast harvest period, here are cucumber plants that have grown perfectly and has entered a planting period of almost 15 days


Cucumber plants grow so fertile, I take care of them pretty well, currently the dry season is hitting my village, so I always have to do watering in the morning and evening to make the cucumber plants get enough water, I also do fertilization on cucumber plants a week that then and I saw after I gave fertilizer to the cucumber plants, the leaves looked green and this big made the plants look lush and the growth was very extraordinary


When the cucumbers are big I also give them wood that is almost 2 meters long because these plants will spread or grow long later


while waiting for my harvest there are several cucumber trees that have grown, there are about 8 trees that are bearing fruit and flowering, this is the start of the harvest while waiting for the other cucumber trees to harvest for a few more weeks, the cucumber harvest period can reach 45 days from planting.





that's all for this happy day, hopefully this will be an example for my brothers in the #NatureLovers community to see you the next day...


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quite fertile plants. with such an area of ​​land how many kilograms of yield can be harvested

Thank you @mnurhiver I don't know how many kilograms I will harvest from my garden, maybe I will harvest in the next few days

easily can get a lot of results.

that's right, I hope to be able to harvest soon and be able to get maximum results


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