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Don't let the title mislead you. I mean, you'll see more than three photographs here. But when it comes to the species shown in the post, they are only three.

This is probably the Polydesmus angustus, a millipede from the Polydesmidae family. It's hard to be completely sure about the species because a couple of very similar ones are present in the same habitats.

I don't encounter this species very often. One of the reasons is surely the millipede's lifestyle. Polydesmus angustus can be found in dark, humid places. In leaf litter. In decaying wood and under the stones. I took these two photographs that started the post somewhere in the woods around the small inland town called Motovun. About 90 kilometers from where I live.


This is the Phalangium opilio, an arachnid from the Phalangiidae family in the order Opiliones. I mean, it's a harvestman. That's the common name.


To get this shot, I came a bit closer to the harvestman.


For this photograph, the scene was lit in a different way.

The Phalangium opilio shown in this series of macro-portraits was found & photographed in the woods around the village of Valtura. Less than 10 kilometers from my hometown.


In this last shot, you can see a beetle larva. Can't tell you the name of the species. The family is definitely Scarabaeidae.



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Awww... Fantastic creatures!... But the one that I loved the most is that fantastic millipede!... Great macro shots @borjan friend!... Thanks for sharing!...

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It looks cool. Ever since I learned we must appreciate centipedes, I started to tell everyone they shouldn't kill them. They're very beneficial.

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Haha love your freaky photography shots and the insect education posts all at once! I will have to admit I am not very good at pronouncing the formal names of them but love hearing the common names where you are from.

I am very impressed with the quality of the photos, although I have always liked all the photos you share in your posts @borjan. The first photo of the millipede was excellent, but the ones I liked the most are the ones of the opilion, maybe this is because I like arachnids and insects and not myriapods haha. Even among the arthropods the myriapods are the ones I don't know the most, that's why it's hard for me to identify them many times. Thank you very much for sharing these high level photographs, they are really fascinating.

Never seen a beetle larva before. I thought they hatch from eggs into small insects! 🙀😂

This are nice shots. Do you use super macro features.

I was able to take some macro shot of some flowers few days ago though







Weren't you scared while taking these shots? As you mentioned you went closer.
But, must say these are just amazing shots. 👏

😀 I'm OK with spiders, scorpions, millipedes, and similar animals. I often let them walk on my hand.

Oh My! Bravo man!


I think you have a wonderful skill... But I did not enjoy this post 🤣😂. Why did you have to add all the creepy bugs into one post!?


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You always represent.. amazing job, Borjan☺️

The shape is really very unique
I just saw it for the first time

That millipede makes me feel itchy.

That spider really look like an alien. the long legs make it so scary.
lovely shots as usual my friend.

anyway 90km trip to get the shot of the millipede, you are really going places. I really should venture more to get more macro shots.

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When "Mother Nature" made the Millipede she created the ultimate drilling machine, probably better than any human can design (even with our high technology methods).

Your insect macro photos are so MEGA PIMPED Today !PIMP !LOL

You must be killin' it out here!
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very good catch.

Amazing photography sir


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