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I'm about to show you a bunch of old photographs taken during the summer of 2016 in the coastal area called Marlera, situated near the village of Liznjan, and about five or six kilometers from where I live. Marlera, with its flora & fauna, has already appeared in many of my older posts, but despite being often present here on HIVE, the meadows and beaches of marlera always have something new to offer. Even through a set of old shots that were laying forgotten at the bottom of an ancient yellow folder on my external drive.

In this opening shot, you can take a look at the seashore. The coastal rocks, the blue sky, and the turquoise water. You can also see some beautiful yellow garbage that isn't a great addition to the scenery in ecological terms but works great as an effective complementary addition to the rest of the bright, sunny composition.

A bit of intense yellow gets very well along with all those shades of blue. A sailing boat was passing across the bay when this shot was taken.

This spider was photographed in mid-August, on a hot but windy summer afternoon.

The Cirsium arvense plants have produced plenty of seeds ...

... and many of those parachute-like seeds were floating in the air, low above the coastal meadow.

Some of those seeds ended up caught in the webs built by juvenile Neoscona adianta spiders.


Since Neoscona adianta, just like all other spiders in the world, as far as I know, aren't adapted to a vegetarian diet, the abundance of flying seed was an annoyance. In these photographs, you can see a spider busy removing the seed from the web.


I had a lot of fun observing the spiders and flying seeds on that beautiful windy day.

I often come across beautiful blue-yellow motifs in Marlera during the summer.
Here you can see the golden thistle flowers combined with the clear blue sky. Scolymus hispanicus is the scientific name of this plant.

This little yellow leaf belongs to the Chenopodium album plant.

Here you can see two vivid yellow parasols and a group of tourists around them.


In this four-picture set, you can admire the yellow berries of the Solanum villosum plant. In the following photograph ...

... the focus is on the fluffy seeds again.


If you enlarge this picture by clicking on it, you'll see a small parasitoid wasp that was cleaning its wings.

This insect was very small. I didn't have a macro lens in 2016, just an old & pretty bad compact camera, so I cropped the image today while preparing this post. That way the wasp is more prominent in the picture.

Can't tell you the name of the species. The family is probably Braconidae.


The moth shown in this and in the following two photographs ...

... belongs to the Crambidae family.

The name of the species is Sitochroa palealis.

In some places, the Spartium junceum shrubs in bloom create a beautiful yellow-blue spectacle when combined with the blue sky above the scenery.

In this shot, the yellow was provided by the empty container of a suntan cream or something like that. Yellow pieces of garbage will always have a special part in my heart ... and in the summer scenery as well.

Here you can see the fairly tall grass ...

... that grew by the dusty road.

This is the Sorghum halepense grass. In the following photograph ...

... you can take a look at the yellow butterfly that was feeding on the flowers of the Cirsium vulgare thistle. Colias croceus is the scientific name of this butterfly from the Pieridae family.

Here you can see a group of Limbarda crithmoides flowers.

Limbarda crithmoides is a succulent plant that grows in the rocks very close to the sea.


Here you can see a bushcricket nymph. Tylopsis liliifolia . Yep. That's the name of the species.

The following links will take you to the sites with more information about some of the protagonists of this post. I found some stuff about them there.




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Ah I can feel the coastal warmth through the pictures! The rugged beauty that grows along the sea where elements can harsh are something else.

I have so many pictures through the years that I keep promising to go back and show the adventures I didn’t get to at the time. Someday!

These photos are very nostalgic of good old days of quiet and peaceful moments. Beautiful soft lighting and blue sky, a relaxing atmosphere to me!

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i loved the perspective of that shoot... it made me feel like the point of view of those insects of maybe an ant

I don't know how you keep such old photos in your gallery and how you remember those days my friend, I can even forget the stories of the photos I took last year. Excellent shots, congratulations.

Thank you. 🙂Glad you like the post.

I must appreciate this, you have a great memory, it is very difficult to remember even the activities of yesterday and yet you have to remember the photographs from the past 7-10 years. You have a great sense of capturing pictures as well. I really love the photograph of that small insect which you capture with out micro lense.

Fabulosa la tela de la araña, muy bien estructurada.

it is very unfortunate, there are still many beach visitors who litter. If we don't take care of it, who will?

Seeing this post, I just wonder what life would have been without nature which makes it so beautiful

I especially like the fluffy seeds, & all the other really pretty Nature photos. !LOLZ

Great shots Bro 👌

What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don’t know and I don’t care.

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Very well shots. Like your photography that is so real to original one. Especially the photo of yellow berries looks great and yummy. Wasp is also seems to be real from picture. Good job friend.

The yellow trash arc is really a nice element for photogrpaah, especially after being the frame for the sailing boat.
but still I hope that the littering problem will reduce, so that we can have a better environment.

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Made with by crrdlx

All the pictures looked so beautiful and I could see the beautiful atmosphere of the beach that was there at that time.

It's nice to see your photos, it's the way you shoot that makes the result prettier.

Lovely photos as always. I love them all

But why will yellow pieces of garbage always have a special part in my heart?

We are amazed to see how the web they make this trick. Old pictures or old buildings both look very beautiful. Seeing them brings back a lot of old memories and it seems like it was yesterday when we were visiting there.

I always admire the way you capture photos. It might be from your heart.


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