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Hello my friends all

Almost every year. Our area, especially in our rural areas, produces a lot of star fruit. Almost every village community feels the benefits of the tamarind fruit.
Because people in the countryside I quite understand about what is a tradition or a habit that is busy being carried out by the local community. In addition, the star fruit can also be traded and bought at the nearest markets to be made into rupiah. Because village people think it's better to save rupiah both at the bank and at the bank anywhere, instead of having to save the starfruit which is worried that it will rot and fear of future losses. This matter to the It is a habit that is often done by villagers when collecting 2 times a year. From the star fruit, it turns out that it makes a lot of money as well as benefits.. By selling star fruit from the results collected and then drying it all until it becomes completely dry.

Because the market does not accept unripe fruit. But before going to the market, the rural people understand how to process the raw starfruit so that it can dry out above the sun's temperature Which is enough and really hot so that the star fruit is dried in the sun and is dry, the result will change as shown in the image below. And this by itself will change its name to sunti acid., which is often called sunti acid. If it's like this like this, if it is brought to the market the price will be quite satisfactory. It reaches 20 thousand per kilogram. While what is obtained per person, some are 30 kilograms, some are more. depending on the amount of effort, the more starfruit trees the more it will get Obtained right. That big profit is enough, and it has paid off the tiredness of picking the star fruit in a few days The important thing is don't forget to be grateful for what we have got. Big or small is normal for farmers...

And below is a picture that I show from the beginning of the star fruit tree and the process until it becomes sunti acid... I don't have many star fruit trees, there are only 4 trees and thank God they have quite a lot of fruit. I am grateful and very happy.

Here I also show some pictures of lime trees, because I see quite a lot of fruit, and I like to see it. So I took a picture and I explained it here because it is still in the same concept. Also the same use. It's just a different shape.

Sekian dan terima kasih. Salam jumpa lagi
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