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RE: Posting In Communities Part One

I cross-posted one article that should have been in the Urbex community. The original post was by a new author and got little in rewards. the cross-post yielded $8 in rewards and I felt so guilty. I had only just posted something by myself.

I have auto-voting set to ONE per day per author. Not everyone does this.

I didn't know it worked like that. The people who auto-vote me have faith in what I do. I won't be using cross-post again.

 2 years ago 

The best course of action is only cross post things you find that are really great for your community.

Or, you could still choose to not cross post at all.

I just wanted the post to appear in the correct community. I was not expecting all my auto-votes to be applied to the post.

 2 years ago 

Too bad we don't have a Resteem to community option.

So you are saying that your followers didnt see as much worth in your post as the community itself did?

I'm saying they put their trust in me to vote for my content. If everyone used the one post per day per author then this would not happen but it doesn't.

Therefore my action of using cross-posting resulted in using their VP on my decision. That is not what I wanted.

I don't want the power or responsibility to vote using other's VP, and though I like this feature of Steempeek, a resteem to community would be much preferable and stop any abuse that may happen as a consequence of it.

And I think auto votes are not smart enough for this new world of steem. There could be some changes but I'm doubting any developer is gonna do anything because they dont care about the advancements steem has done.

Could something be coded in to detect cross-posting? It depends on if the post is sufficiently different by it's posting type.

Yes I'm sure steemauto/steemrewarding etc could check for cross-posts as they have relating metadata.

I'm still undecided about the feature - I created abh12345.cp the other day but haven't used it yet.