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RE: Posting In Communities Part One

Personally, I updated my auto-voter to avoid voting on cross-posts at least until I can put in some logic to do quality checks, but overall I think it's a great development.

To be frank, I don't have a definitive stance. I lean towards members of each community/hive to deal with excessive cross posting.

I agree with this. Like most things in technology. It has good uses and bad ones. It's up to voters to reward the good uses and penalize the abuses. That's why the blockchain pays curation rewards. I oppose one size fits all rules and pronouncements.

Ugly is an understatement.

I agree with this, w.r.t. Steemit. too. Hope that Steemit, Inc. gives them a nicer looking appearance before too long.

 2 years ago 

As far as I know, cross posting is a SteemPeak function.

Yeah, probably true, but Steemit can still recognize it and control how they display it... and even provide a similar capability or work with Steempeak to establish a standard.

 2 years ago 

Let's see how fast they move.

lol... Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on that. ; -) Hope I'm wrong, though.