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RE: Posting In Communities Part One

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Auto-vote systems are broken now... they haven't kept up with the times that's why I consider them broken. Communities are a reality and users with autovote setups did not keep up with this new reality. Sadly I dont see auto vote app creators as catching up with that reality anytime soon either.


Yup. I haven't been using communities as much because I don't want my autovotes to land on shitposts. But maybe it should be the other way around: we have to start shitposting and autovotes will come to an end for the most part because people start retracting them ;-)

 2 years ago 

Make voting organic again!

Make the hats!

Seriously it's dumb we're letting this ruin our experience for communities. We're being held hostage by auto-votes. And believe me I'm equally responsible for feeling trapped by auto-votes.

Yup. I'm considering using my alt-account for communities :-/ And at the same time I don't want to, it's time we 'just' started to have fun with Steem :D

It's sad we are almost being held hostage to using communities to full potential because of autovotes. We need a setting on our posts that is something like "please dont autovote this post of mine"
Then tell autovote developers to add that into their systems. @asgarth is this doable on our end. I guess we'd need auto vote developers to join in on this.

I can't find the post now, but someone suggested years ago (I think maybe @biophil?) using the #norobots tag to tell bots to ignore a post. I've had my bot programmed that way ever since. I also recently updated it to ignore posts with the #cross-post tag.

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People will have to come to terms with it.

In a way, not wanting to "waste" autovotes can be good for proof of brain. Or, does it show the greed in our hearts?

Don't be so sure, @mahdiyari could cross-posting votes be disabled in steem-auto?

I will try to work on it.

Or community posts in general?