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RE: Posting In Communities Part One

Hello @enforcer48 Thank you for nominated me :)
Joking aside, it was my mistake because the rules were not too clear originally. I tried to see how long it was possible to post in several Communitates, but it was certainly not my intention to spam.nit seems that things are getting better now with more rules.

 2 years ago 

I didn’t think it was your intention to spam.

The current code is one hive per post. I hope that could be changed, if possible.

Ok,thanks @enforce48 for your comprehensive words ;)

Why do you want it changed? Tribes did that experiment and it didnt work very well

 2 years ago 

I’m merely bringing up the fact that some people want to be seen by as many relevant communities as possible.

The current system makes things look a bit cluttered from a certain view.