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Being Manipulated Away From Manifest Destiny.

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward, States Are Rising.

Talking to Plato's Cavemen

I'm Not Known For Talking In Like Code

I'm Not Going To Tell You What I Saw On Instagram.

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward, States Are Rising. Globalists beat up Mitt Romney to force him to support Open Borders and other things. He says, "Oh no, I just accidentally fell down the stairs, ahahahahahaa!" C.S. Lewis predicted Covid in 1942. Millions to billions are likely to die before 2025 if we are unable to stop enough people from jumping off the cliff. Millions are dying cuz of it, many before 2022. But they say already they died cuz of the virus and not cuz of the jab jab.

2021, March

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2021-03-03 - Wednesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2021-03-03 - Wednesday
Published in March of 2021

Biden to Obama, Michelle Dick Picks to Hunter.jpg

Biden to Obama, Michelle Dick Picks to Hunter

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Breaking News

Telling The Truth in a World of Lies

Trump Vaccine Hell?

11:11 AM - Hive Blog

@ironshield, I would have yelled had I been there, "People are dying, the vaccine has salt, sugar, vinegar, and preservatives, to make you deadly allergic to them." I would have at least booed if I couldn't say more.

I've been writing probably since 2016 that people must try to infiltrate MAGA Rallies to start real chants to get Trump to hear what he needs to hear. The good news is Trump saw a bit of a silent protest at the 2021 CPAC. Now, we should assume Trump is not and will not ever be President ever again.

Yeah, Trump should be the President right now because Trump got at least 80 million votes and some say possibly over 100 million real votes in 2020 while Biden got less than 40 million unique votes from eligible voters that is if you only count a ballot one time per applicant.

And yet at the same time, assuming Trump is not ever doing 5G Chess or assuming he isn't smart enough to trick the globalists and outsmart them enough, we must see that Trump failed too excessively apart from some of the good he did.

I've said it and I've wrote about it for years, I was concerned with 2025 which was when Trump would have ended his second term, assuming military doesn't come in to call for a new election soon. I was concerned that we would not be ready for after Trump. I said it many times we must prepare for what to do after Trump is President.

The good news is states are seeking independence to legally not enforce the Biden executive orders. States are trying to also end mask mandates. People are waking up. So, there is good news.

At the same time, I feel like I may never ever vote for an American President ever again. I voted Trump in 2020. Strangely, as bad as Trump was, Trump was the best we ever had. And I defended Trump a lot because of that.

I like Qanon for encouraging people to study history and yet Q and the Anons might be pacifying too many people too often. In other words, trusting the plan is not going to be enough if you don't choose to join plans of your own as well.

I will continue to do all I can as a citizen journalist. It is good that some people, even at the zombie-CPAC, are at least not pretending to cheer in the face of Trump. It's not enough but it is a step in the right direction. All we can do is encourage people ask questions more and more, to wake up faster, and to simply spread the word regarding what is happening each day now both good and bad.

Mask V For Vendetta.jpeg

Following Texas, Mississippi Drops Covid Mask Mandate

Covid News

For more info, please visit Banned Video

C.S. Lewis

2021-03-03 - Wednesday - 12:20 PM - Facebook

C.S. Lewis predicted Covid in 1942.

Facebook Message

2021-03-03 - Wednesday - 12:25 PM - Facebook

I wrote this to my younger sister.

Let's not go to the CDC or WHO websites. Let's not talk about the articles they posted. Let's not cite anything from what they wrote. We will pretend those agencies are liars. So, right now, if you're reading this, you are going to forget I wrote this. You will promise to me and to yourself that you will either forget that I wrote this or tell me I'm crazy or wrong or something like that. That is what you will do.

On Facebook

12:28 PM

Millions to billions are likely to die before 2025 if we are unable to stop enough people from jumping off the cliff.

Millions are dying cuz of it, many before 2022. But they say already they died cuz of the virus and not cuz of the jab jab.

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I'm Not Going To Tell You What I Saw On Instagram.

01:46 AM - Hive Blog

It's not like I would know. It's not like I would be the one to let the cat out of the bag. I'm kind of busy right now, so I'm just going to tell you this little secret.

Wait a minute, I thought I wasn't going to tell you that you can find photos of women on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Hey folks, this post has nothing to do with anything.

When you look at the comments underneath these pictures of random babes of the Internet, it's not like you're going to find creepy one-liners from horny men, you know like, "OMG you look just like a female Harry Potter." Or like, "I like your glasses." Or "Oh, I like your smile."

Strangely enough, what you will find is a lot worse than that, assuming that all compliments are created equal, assuming that all compliments are inherently creepy. Wow. Yeah. That's all I had so say for today. Remember, this post is totally random and has nothing to do with me or anything. Thank you for reading, bye bye.

PS. Here is a random photo and article link from People Magazine and their beautiful website, not a sponsor and not a movie but a trilogy. Oh wait, I'm not Jeremy ahahahaaaa!

Angelina Jolie as the Tomb Raider Lara Croft.jpeg

How Playing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Changed Angelina Jolie's Life


@ekavieka, when you go to Instagram, you will find creepy comments. Well, I'm not going to say they are or are not creepy. It depends. But more so, I'm not going to tell you that people called me creepy. Oh no, that never happened.

I'm Not Known For Talking In Like Code

02:19 PM - Hive

If you've been around me for any length of time, you would know how direct and to the point my very essence and soul is, you see, it is very clear, it's not like I would leave you a link and talk indirectly about some inside baseball.

Life is so awesome right now and I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Let me spell it out for you, ladies and gentlemen, there were some lions out there jumping on some sheep. Wow. They taste like chicken. Like yummy. Like that commercial from Wendy's, "Where's the beef?" Well, Frank, to be Frank, I would have to be you.

I applaud the story of the lion and the sheep. I'm so happy about what Fred The Imaginary Lion did in making sure the sheep didn't like Angelina Jolie nobody in dee hood. We applaud Fred for keeping Billy Breaker from being too creepy.

That's the cool thing about the Internet. See, that lion has a mustache and he is literally saving the whales and the models as well. It's not like the act of burning books is going to drive ninjas underground. Who do you think I am, a Bat, man? Like, a man, bat? Like what?

Speaking of bats and men alike, I'm hungry, where's the beef, and don't you talk no good about my grandma in this photo you hear? Yeah, no need to harass my granny with no creepy compliments, yeah. That's right, get back in your corner you Bloody Farmer. Huh, since when would farming be an insult lol?

Wendy's Where's The Beef.jpeg

Where's the beef?

Talking to Plato's Cavemen

02:47 AM - Hive

Life has a funny way of getting you back in tune with the universe of all things to keep you on your toes and to make you chuckle while crying uncontrollably.

Life is bigger than Plato's Cave and yet even the smallest comments can capture more shadows and more rainbows than that of photos and entire orchestras combined. Well, I might be exaggerating. But it's not like I'm talking in code.

I've heard people talk about how jello we are, especially in the mist of Lucid Dreaming. I'm not really sure what it's all about. The more I know, the more I know I don't know. So, I don't know if we can communicate with each other or with God knows what else while we're sleeping at night.

Regardless, we are all in Plato's Cave to a degree. The only question is who's in it deeper than others. My heart is racing towards the light at the end of this cave tunnel.

Plato Cavemen Cave Face.jpeg

Plato’s Cave Allegory Brought to Life with Claymation
Being a Prisoner of One's Own Mind

People Die of Vaccines?

12:09 PM - Hive

Had that happened, would anybody be able to deduct that they booed the vaccines? I think that would be a good thing because people are dying of the vaccine meaning people can see the crazy Anti-Vaxxers on Fake News being Anti-Science.

After that, they can see and continue to see people scientifically die and die and die some more. Sure, too many people can live in denial and repeat the talking points including that people die of Covid even after getting vaccinated. Seeing people boo something and then seeing a bunch of people die from it could perhaps wake up some people.

Will it wake up enough people is the question. I don't know the answer but it doesn't hurt to try as billions of people are likely to die before 2025 due to these vaccines, assuming we can't turn this ship around fast enough.

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Why Universities so racist?

12:34 PM

David Cardone, cuz they racist. And ummmm, I don't know. Well, also, they want to put in place NPCs in many jobs, people who jobs exactly as they are told without asking questions, they want more zombies and less free thinkers.


12:50 PM - Facebook

Tim MacIver, Depends on how far back you go. If you go back 2000 years, you may be totally European apart from a few people in your family tree who may have married darker skinned slaves or others who were mixed. When you study genealogy, you find that people have always been mixing for thousands and thousands of years. There are actually pale-white Native Japanese Indians for example. Whites and blacks and yellow people have been found in Europe, America, and many other continents going back many centuries in some cases and in other cases thousands of years. There were black people in North America at least by like the 1500s if not even longer than that for example. Sadly, they try so hard to hide real history from you and from me and from others. If only you knew.

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Regarding Hive Blocks

04:19 PM - Discord

You can type in your username on Hive Blocks and look at how much you have, your stats, and come back every once in a while to monitor how the numbers may change.

How do we decentralized the Internet?

04:31 PM - Discord

Are you familiar with Internet projects out there? There is one called Substratum. Another one is called ummm, I forget. I would need to look them up. There was one relating to finding ways around DNS. And on top of that, there are things like TOR, VPN, proxies. I'm mostly talking software related, etc. I guess you were more likely talking more physical infrastructure as in actual fiber optics cables, lines, giant Internet server farms, computers, systems, the hardware in an ongoing attempt to have alternative backdoors and Internet routes to get around centralized Internet highways which are generally controlled or pressured or manipulated or governed by like tech giants who may have control over 80% of the global infrastructure, servers, cables, satellites, networks, etc. I agree monopolies control a lot of it and it is tough to compete and yet we can always try and the good news is people are trying.

I would favor having IPFS or Bit-Torrent flavored blockchain systems which rewards people via cryptocurrencies for seeding, hosting, like you said, letting people rent out resources be it processing resources (CPU, RAM), memory resources (HDD), and routing resources (the ability to route, reroute, for proxies, VPNs, TOR, etc).

Sadly, Parler didn't really have their network decentralized.

I can only speculate and assume Parler wasn't prepared.

Some said Parler had to be shut down to stop Trump from using it.

Parler was hosted on Amazon meaning Amazon had that centralized power to decide.

But I say that to say projects should try their best not to rely on centralized server hosts.

I agree, especially when people are too close to a picture, it is harder to see it.

Companies and schools do that, they have local networks, as in "INTRANET" as opposed to "INTERNET."

Aspects of the Internet was being developed between colleges using cable lines possibly as early as the 1960s and there is no reason why people can't continue developing INTRANET STYLE systems or like ad-hoc mesh networks.

There may be at least 5 ways that providers, servers, computers, phones, devices, etc, may be blocked, spied on, DDoS-attacked, banned, targetted, blacklisted, etc, etc, whether they're decentralized or not; they may be stopped via OS, ISP, GSP, DNS, and, number five, other avenues as in via viruses, Trojan Horses, bugs, remote access, backdoors, spy systems, software, spy chips, other hardware stuff, hacking, etc, from web pirates, white and black hat hackers, nerds, geeks, terrorists, corporations, agencies, governments, etc.

The good news is the Internet is being decentralized, revolutionized, gradually people are trying, but it is good for people to understand the map of the Internet.

I was writing some articles relating to the map of the Internet. It turns out that there are at least three levels to the Internet, generally speaking for the majority of Internet traffic. First, Internet funnels through Tier-1 internet service providers (ISP), and then, second, through Tier-2 regional service providers (RSP), and then, thirdly, through Tier-3 global service providers (GSP), and I don't know if there would be a Tier-4 or other things. But to summarize the main structure of the Internet, I would say ISP, RSP, and GSP. I'm not saying there aren't other things too, but based off what I can find via Google searches, I would summarize potentially what might be currently over 90% of all global-related-Internet-Traffic using these three rather vague terms to describe the flowchart of general Internet transactions, data, upstream, downstream, uploads, downloads, streaming, usage, bandwidth, etc.

I would say a link is a link regardless of where it might have originate from.

But if you allow for any links at all, that is what I am getting at, where the invisible line might be.

I read the post and I don't know if this is off-topic or not.

How do we find work during Covid?

05:29 PM - Hive Blog

I'm going to share this post for now. I see you in Discord. Hopefully we can all talk and brainstorm a little different options. Would you be willing to relocate long-term to other states outside of Tennessee?

The post does have an emphasis on how to withdraw money, specifically cryptocurrencies.

So, specifically speaking, the post relates to Hive Blog, there is an emphasis relating to Hive, HBD, and HP even.

The post talks about how to use the Hive Wallet.

The post relates specifically to how we all can use the Hive Blog websites.

The relevance is very clear.

I left a comment on your post and there are a few Discord servers you can try.

You can reply to my comment on your post and I could give you links in a DM for other servers you can try on Discord as well.

The post was asking questions about how to use Hive Blog.

The post is NOT about FINANCE.

The post was asking questions about how to use Hive Blog from a technical standpoint.

Do you ever allow for any links relating to anything ever on this channel?

It seems you have an invisible line that you created and I'm pointing out that I have a hard time seeing invisible lines.

I just included a link as seen above, you better ban me.

The link above is an invite to the Terminal Discord.

In a way, I broke the rule by including that link to Discord as seen above.

Imagine if I posted a link to a Hive Blog Post and inside that Hive Blog Post was a direct hyperlink to the Terminal Discord Server.

Sometimes in life, you may find indirect paths.

How does Hive Blog REP, HP, and RC work?

05:50 PM - Discord

How can you say REP does not let you post more? Maybe not directly speaking, what I've seen is a correlation as I followed the numbers growing on Hive Blocks, as REP got bigger, RC got bigger. The only counter would be if RC were to move at a fixed rate in isolation. But it seems that as HP increases, then REP increases due to increased HP. Also, separately, it seems that as HP increases, RC increased. Therefore, indirectly speaking, REP and RC are the children of HP in that they react to HP. I'm only speaking as an observer since I've not studied the codes which governs these properties.

Is it possible for a brand new account created in March of 2021 on Hive Blog to acquire a negative reputation score of like -15? See, once upon a time, there were no resource credits (RC) on Steemit over a year ago or the manna system was slightly different. I don't remember the exact details. But it seems that if REP were to drop that low, wouldn't RC drop as well? I want to assume that RC would either immediately or eventually drop to prevent people from posting too much or possibly even at all and I thought that was one of the purposes of RC was to stop spam, etc by throttling how much they could post.

In other words, you're saying REP is determined by several factors like you said, how active an account is, how much RC and HP an account has, and I agree. My point was not that RC is directly tied to Rep but rather that RC is indirectly connected to Rep. I don't disagree with what you're saying with these things. I'm just saying I can correlate, I can use Rep as a clue to how much RC an account might have.

I agree, I am trying to say Rep is indirectly correlated with RC as to say as HP goes up, then Rep and RC may go up. Like you guys said, there are different factors to these things, and I don't disagree with how what I am saying is probably way too vague and way too indirect.

Is it safe to say when a spam post is downvoted enough, then a negative payout would play a factor in the account's REP? But would the downvote not directly affect the account's RC? But the REP is one of the things that may eventually affect RC? Or is my mind looking at the details backwards or in the wrong order of sequences?

No links allowed on that Hive Discord?

06:50 PM

Except for invitation links, I was the one who invited @Sinistry#7716 here from there and I told them I was breaking their rules by posting a link. They said no you didn't break a rule because it's not a Hive link. I said imagine if I linked to a Hive post which included an invitation link to the Terminal Discord Server. I said it's an invisible line because links are links and attempts at trying to categorize them is dangerous potentially speaking.

I may talk myself into creating a flowchart to help describe HP, REP, and RC. I think the Hive ecosystem is pretty cool, possibly cooler than Blurt.

Are you open to moving out of Tennessee to potentially any state, any country, is there any place you're not open to located?

A major difference I've seen was it cost me around 5 to 9 Blurt to post something, generally. When I post every six hours approximately, posts cost around 1 Blurt. After about like 12 to 24 hours, around 5 Blurt. I don't know what all the factors are for determining the costs for posting, commenting, etc, but it looks like there is an incentive to get people to post more often, to stay engaged on Blurt as prices drop a bit as you post more often. Around like January of 2021, I ran out of Blurt and then I powered down something like 200 Blurt Power (BP) I think so I could pay for more posting. There might have been a Bitcoin-powered blockchain that was like that. But I tend to prefer how Hive uses RC as a primary gauge for determining how much or how often an account can post.

We should find ways to rent out Hive Power (HP) to new accounts as more HP means more RC, assuming people aren't already. Are there people, projects, apps, websites, which can loan out HP? I know people delegate HP to new users and that is a good idea to like adopt a new user to delegate them some HP kind of thing. I would prefer more automated systems for renting out HP, I mean delegating HP. I would love to see promotions for new users, like a free trial. I mean, maybe not a free trial per se but I mean like, "Join Today and Get 100 HP for your first six months delegated to you." Perhaps a loan where you pay back with some interest for the next 2 years after that or perhaps no interest at all and just that the delegation ends after a period of time like 6 months is my suggestion.

But a counter to that some people might say would be in regards to how delegation could be abused.

Gift Giver appears to lend around 40,000.000000 VESTS (about 20 HP as of Feb 21, 2019) for seven days and they may sometimes allow for extensions, renewals. I don't know which accounts might be qualified to receive temporary delegation, I'm guessing newer accounts but I don't know if there is a cut-off date for accounts which might be too big (too much HP and RC) or too old.

Yeah, I don't disagree with you about her and everything else.

My point was that she was triggered by what I wrote regarding how there are two genders.

Yeah, I see that, help me eat. Yes. We all have to pay the bills.

I like friendly debate even if it might not always be welcomed sometimes.

I've not interacted with her in a long time and ignoring trolls and ignoring people in general can be a good tactic at times.

I do upvote her posts when I can.

Rosicrucianism is a new word for me, I'm looking at it on Wikipedia right now.

I may have had relatives or ancestors I hear who were like in the Freemasons or I don't know all the details as of right now.

Is astral projection extremely related to lucid dreaming, are they vaguely similar or how different are these different terms?

One of my favorite series is The 100, they lasted seven seasons. The blond was inside her own head and then there was another girl who was also inside her mind. There were like libraries within the mind and/or soul or whatever it might have been. Now, I've had lucid dreaming at times. I've seen and felt a variety of things which are what some call quite creative which begs the question did my subconscious make it up, does it come from memories, does it come from spiritual or supernatural or omni-dimensional input so to speak would be the question. Can people talk to each other and/or other creatures while sleeping or via other means? I'm open to the possibilities of X-Men style super human powers, to aliens, other dimensions, etc. I refuse to say specific things are impossible.

I'm not always going to promote that nothing is impossible but I do try to encourage people to be open to more and more at times.

I was thinking of concentrating on holding onto an apple, to concentrate on that action visually and mechanically with my fingers and hands while going to sleep at night, my desire is that I can use the apple to wake up my consciousness while I am dreaming at night to help trigger my mind to the realization that I'm in a dream so I can then take advantage of being in control. I've not been successful yet at finding a gateway towards lucid dreaming yet.

When I close my eyes, I can see random images, thoughts, extremely vaguely and yet extremely random and extremely fast and never ending. Some people told me when they close their eyes that they see nothing. I've always seen or imagined things when I close my eyes or when I am thinking and daydreaming in general. I don't know how many people might not have the same exact experiences visually or mentally that I have like I have described here. It is possible that I might be different than some people. One question might be how many people are too removed, too different, than what I'm describing here. I guess I would have to investigate this topic more to see.

I understand the risks on top of that.

It's like seeking to escape the Matrix. There was risk involved when Neo escaped, that being the flying drone robots, the Smith or Anderson agents, when you seek to go beyond these three main dimensions, you run the risk of running into God knows what you may run into.

The cost of freedom includes that of responsibility, awareness.

I want to see an apple in my dreams. I've never seen apples in my dreams. I guess I should try to concentrate on whichever things I am most likely to see in a dream so that I could potentially trigger my mind towards active consciousness while I'm dreaming.

A girl I liked died when she was 16 in 2003, I've tried talking to her in my dreams, I've explored her house a little in my dreams. I've only been engaged in a few dreams relating to her over the years since she died and all.

My dreams generally have color.

To be specific, I don't really recall dreaming in black and white. Well, some of my dreams can be extremely hard to visualize as I begin to forget some of them. Yet, I can't say I've ever visualized images in black and white. Do people dream in B&W? I can't imagine how that is possible to extract color from images. I can kind of imagine B&W and yet I have to consciously do the extraction.

I've had dreams where I was flying around the world and a few times I flew into outer space and beyond the stars and beyond galaxies and I have no idea how far. There were times I felt like I was going so fast and part of me wanted to continue flying and the other part of me was scared to death of the speed as it felt scary and possibly painful as I was going so fast. I felt like I was able to explore the planet a bit and also the stars. Yet, based on what I can recall as of right now, I don't remember too many details. I mostly saw a bunch of trees, rivers, things like that as I flew and hovered over the planet. I started at my house in America. I think I was living in Vietnam at the time which is how I was able to realize I was in a dream. I also mostly saw stars when I was in space. But there were a few times in my life when I was successful at flying. Sometimes in my dreams, I'm unable to fly. But a few times I was able to fly.

The annoying part was the inability to fly, to see certain things, to go certain places. Like, there were times I knew I was dreaming and I tried taking control of the dream and wasn't always successful. And more so, the only thing more annoying is how many times when I try to take control of dreams, I ended up waking up out of my dreams. I sometimes would feel a sense of being punished for attempting to be active as opposed to passive inside lucid dreams. Well, I guess I may not wake up immediately depending on how lucid or how deep the sleep might be. The problem can partly come if I'm being a light sleeper meaning not being conscious during the deepest parts of the REM sleep. I think I generally only remember the shallow before-awakening dreams. You could say light-sleep dreams don't really count when compared to deep-sleep dreams. But it's better than nothing. Being conscious during light-sleep dreams is not much more useful than being conscious during daydreaming.

Regarding Joey Hive

09:09 PM

Or would it be better to start using Hive Blocks to start in 2017?

I am impressed with your work.

You told me to bring up things and especially posts which may be the most relevant to the case. Inside my mind right now is the ongoing debate of which things are more relevant.

Hive Blocks is on the chain.

I know how to differentiate between posts where I talked about censorship with specific posts or specific interactions between me and other accounts relating to downvotes in particular say for example and I think that is a major emphasis on your mind for a particular emphasis in a case you're building.

So, among those two things, I think you're looking for more the latter over the former.

I wanted to ask you what you wanted me to show you.

And I was trying to say I think I know.

I was trying to describe which things you might want to see more of relating to me.

And I am trying to develop an emphasis.

I think you want to see only things relating to me with the Hive Blog and Steem related blockchains and not things relating to other websites, things offline, etc.

I'm trying not to over-generalize.

I probably already listed the most relevant posts.

Number one, Spaminator. Ok.

Number 2, examples of me defining spam.

I may consider creating posts where I try to index some of those topics like spam, trolling, etc.

So I am brainstorming out loud strategies and priorities.

I am just thinking out loud right now regarding which things I may tackle first.

And I have written a few things over the years already relating to spam, trolling, etc. My desire has been to do a better job in the future in writing even better articles, videos, etc.

I should try to do more how-to related content.

I always felt like everyone could do what I do. As I get older, I realize not so much, not always.

My posts have links to articles I haven't even written yet.

For example, each of my Oatmeal Daily blog posts link to my Oatmeal Monthly posts. So, the URL for each monthly post is the year, dash, and then I spell out the month. So, https://hive.blog/@joeyarnoldvn/2021-march does not exist but when it does in a month, this link will take you to it.

So, I name the post 2021, March. That will translate into that URL.

If you turn the 2021 into a 2020 or into 2019 or even 2010 in the URL, it will turn into the monthly posts I have for those different years.

I've not done monthly posts for anything before 2010 yet. Well, not sure how far back I could go. But I've been building an autobiography to outline every year of my life. Maybe not every month. And absolutely not every day. I may try to get every season of my life at best, that is a post for ever summer, fall, winter, and spring seasons of my life going back to my birth in 1985.

If you were to screenshot more of my posts for 2021, 2020, etc, etc, whichever, as you decide, if you were to need help ever someday, if you wanted to, a good thing to remember is that you CAN find links to my daily posts in my monthly posts and links to my monthly posts in my yearly posts and links to my yearly posts in my decade posts which are nested in century posts which are nested in millennium posts which are nested in era posts and things of that nature and I don't know if I can make a post for every century since the dawn of time but I'm trying to. I don't think I can do any more than like a a post for every century for world history. I don't think I could make posts for every single decade. I like building outlines to everything. So, my emphasis has been to start with outlines of time itself.

Each of my Oatmeal Daily posts have links to my Time Outlines which can be used to navigate all of space and time so speak to lookup any millennium and hopefully any century as well including that of the future as well. Maybe not any century but potentially as many as possible is my desire. I then seek to index outlines of geography, websites, and a wide variety of topics, categories, subjects, materials, libraries, types of media, timelines like I said already, directories, people, things, ideas, religions, accounts, groups, how-to stuff, etc, etc, etc. Sadly, if you go to my Hive Blog, you may find that some of my links don't work yet because they link to posts which don't exist yet. The links will work as soon as the posts are written and published. So, I'm literally linking to things which do not exist yet. And I don't honestly know how many people I may have scared away because of what appears to be broken hyperlinks to nonexistent articles. But I'm at least trying my best to organize, summarize, simplifying, prioritize, in a pursuit help humanity in a variety of ways.

My Oatmeal Daily articles goes back to 2019. Before that, I was always posting each day or I at least didn't have posts which were specifically named with just the date for each post. My desire is to always post at least once a day for as long as I'm alive.

What are yellow fish?

10:11 PM

I don't know if there is already a classification for what yellow fish might be. If there aren't any already, we could try to make it up like perhaps yellow fish could be 500 HP to 10,000 HP. That is if we were to use HP as the scale. Depending on what other bigger fish we might have on the map.

Can we create a bot which goes around taking screenshots of posts?

Want to move or what?

10:22 PM - Hive

Are you talking about not abandoning people online and/or offline? Sounds like you're specifically reference Hive Blog related people who you can not abandon regardless of which state you're living in.

Which groups should I join?

11:22 PM

Finding a community is like finding a Facebook group. Like Yoda Britt said, like dishes. So in other words, what do you like eating? Have you been to Gems?

And I'm eclecoatmeal.

Does the Terminal have a community?

Zip Drive

11:59 PM

xhci "device not accepting address"

Watch Commentary

Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

Punky Brewster

2021-03-03 - Wednesday - 02:55 AM - 03:21 AM - Punky Prewster 103

Playing Poker. Your bluffing face. Your this face. Your other face. I'm good. Dating or hanging, what's the difference. Dating but divorced. Everything sandwich. Mom and Hannah, first dates. Double dating in a Harry Potter like place. She still got it. Dad's ice-cream guitar love song.

2021-03-03 - Wednesday - 03:21 AM - 03:45 AM - Punky Prewster 104

Dog. Photography. Girl drops a lens. Cake, Skateboarding Hannah. Peacock. Is there a return policy on kids? SHe was joking. The younger girl thought she was serious. Don't worry, she doesn't get rid of people. Well, she did get rid of dad. Oh no. Hannah, weed in the music box.

Mike Adams

11:46 AM - Situation Update, Mar. 3rd, 2021 - We are not the first civilization on Earth to face a catastrophic WIPEOUT

Were we the first advance civilization on the earth? Maybe not. Reminds me of the Matrix when the Architect told Neo that he wasn't the first to try to free people from the Matrix and save the world from the Arnold Wall-E Amazon Drones.

Mike Adams says there are no electrons, protons, small things like that. Instead, it is energy fields of waves and such at a small level. I don't know if he is right or how right but we have to wonder what the smallest building blocks to matter might be regardless.

Globalists beat up Mitt Romney to force him to support Open Borders and other things. He says, "Oh no, I just accidentally fell down the stairs, ahahahahahaa!"

Did you know everyone is related to rapists?

Did you know many white people have 2% black DNA inside them?

Watch Log

Here is a list of what I'm watching

Dear diary, got up at 10:10 AM, little cold, sunny outside a little. Computer turned off last night, I must have double clicked to try to make it sleep which caused it to turn off or it has problems. It didn't remember the text files. I opened them and then restart to see and it did remember after a reboot. Dishes, sweeping, mopping, recycling, compost, critter feeding, sunny day, around 2 PM and towards 4 PM, around 2 to three hours. Maybe started around 1 PM. Also while doing those chores, talked to Mom about how bad Covid Vaccine may be, a debate on whether vaccines can make us allergic to sugar, salt, vinegar, preservatives, etc, if those things are in some of the vaccines. Current season of Rookies has a documentary style episode with a character played by the actor who played Malcolm in the Middle. I think he is murdered in the episode and there is an investigation and also a documentary. I told mom it reminds me of the beginning few episodes of season 7 of Criminal Minds which focused on how the leader of the team murdered a bad man who was trying to kill his son, Jack. It is similar, those episodes, but not the same. The series ended with episode 10 of season 15 in 2020. Spent Tuesday and Wednesday working on the Iomega zip drive. After 2 days, still no luck.

Food Log

Here is what I'm eating, drinking, consuming, digesting, my diet.

Breakfast: orange, coffee, 10:30 AM for a bite and more at 11:46 AM followed by yummy pancakes made in an oven like a cake.
Lunch: soup around 03:30 PM and then some more at 4 PM.
Dinner: rice, carrots, chicken, 6:51 PM, delicious.

Train Ride

2021-03-03 - Wednesday - 10:00 AM

Riding on the tracks behind the house I grew up at. We were in a train and I was saying the train or bus or whatever should not or that not a lot of trains go back here or at least not that I've seen. On the other side of the tracks were houses which is not true in rea life. So, like a neighborhood of normal houses as opposed to trailer homes. Later on, I was in a casino like building which was probably back there. It had several levels or floors. I was with people and we walked through the different places and rooms and floors and saw people and things. I think like a casino. I was later like by myself and I went down a few floors and then saw a hallway for smaller people and it was so small I would have to crawl and I decided not to go exploring down that way and not sure if I saw anything or anybody down there. I can't remember the other things I might have said or done.

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