The beauty of wildflowers Thunbergia Erecta and Kenikir Sulfur.

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Kenikir Sulfur and Thunbergia Erecta Flowers

Hi Hivers...

My first meeting greetings to all of you. I'm a newcomer to the Petals Community, and I'm about to publish my first post in this community about 2 different types of wildflowers. This flower is called the Sulfur Kenikir Flower. And the other is a herbaceous wildflower called Thunbergia Erecta otherwise known as the King's Mantle, or Wine Clock Flower.

Don't wait too long, let's take a look at the photos of the flowers I mentioned earlier. You will like it my friend. Take a look below! They are beautiful...

"Kenikir Sulfur"

This Sulfur kenikir has the Latin name Cosmos Sulphureus, and what I know is that this flower comes from mainland Mexico, but in our country Indonesia, we can also find this flower in flower gardens or in people's yards. And today, I photographed this wildflower in the village of Lhok Awee, Lhokseumawe, Aceh (Indonesia). According to my observations in a google search, it turns out that this flower is the most preferred habitat area for insects. ☺






"Thunbergia Erecta"

Well, this one flower is purple, and very beautiful to look at up close. I really enjoyed the view of flowers today. This Thunbergia Erecta flower has many types and has different colors, but this time I found purple. Purple means full of love, and I believe the owner of this flower planted it with love, so that this flower thrives. LOL 😂




Ok guys I'm going to say goodbye and this is my job today I hope you like it. See you again in the next post. Oh yeah, don't hesitate to reblog and comment, buddy. I will be happy for your suggestions and impressions of my posts.

Best wishes, and I wish you "I wish you happiness with your family at home" and I wish you every success in your respective activities.

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Post topicKenikir Sulfur and Thunbergia Erecta Flowers
CameraXiaomi Redmi 6a
LocationLhok Awee, Lhokseumawe, Aceh (Indonesia)


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