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Today I spent an hour or two in the area just outside my hometown. Mostly because a car repair shop of my choice is situated there, and my old car needed some routine maintenance.

Many plants were in bloom all around me, so I had plenty of fun exploring and photographing the flowers.

In this wide shot, you can take a look at the setting. A stretch of stony terrain in the area between Medulin, the town in which I live, and Liznjan, the nearest village that is every year closer to be merged with Medulin.

Here you can see a portrait of the Romulea bulbocodium flower. In the following photograph ...

... I used the macro lens to get closer to another flower of the same kind, so you can take a good look at the pistil and anthers in its center.

This much smaller flower ...


... belongs to the Erodium cicutarium plant. In the following photograph ...


... the two flowers are next to each other so you can easily compare them.


I photographed quite a few Romulea bulbocodium flowers today because many of them were scattered like little stars all over that sunny open area.

Here you can see a small Crematogaster auberti ant in one of those flowers.

In this photograph, you are looking at two lovely yellow flowers ...


... of the Ficaria verna plant. In the following shot ...

... the Ficaria verna and the Romulea bulbocodium are next to each other so you can compare the two.

Here you can take a look at the old stone wall partially covered with ivy.

This plant is a spurge. The Euphorbia helioscopia. Commonly known as the sun spurge.

Here you can see a small fly, can't tell you the name of the species, feeding on nectar produced by the tiny green floral structures of the spurge.

The ants were also enjoying the nectar. This is a Crematogaster auberti worker.


Here you can see another species. The Tapinoma erraticum.


At first sight, from a distance, these ants look the same. Like tiny black dots in motion, basically. But a look through the macro lens reveals some noticeable differences in their anatomy.

Observing the ants is a great weekend activity. Almost like birdwatching. Or collecting the shells on the seashore.


In this shot, you can see how the Euphorbia helioscopia looks in its environment.

Here you can take another look at the scenery.

It was late in the morning but in some shady places under the trees, I found a handful of droplets, the last traces of the dew that evaporated from the terrain reached by the sun.

Quite a few liquid pearls were decorating the grass ...

... and I collected a bunch of them ...

... through the lens of my camera.

These are the Pilosella caespitosa flowers.


Another yellow addition to the floral variety of this fairly colorful post.


Here you can take a look at the scenery with an Anemone hortensis flower in the foreground.


The Anemone hortensis were very numerous in some places.


Especially along the edge of a small shady pine grove.

There were no flowers in the grove ...


... but its edge was nicely decorated. As you probably already noticed ...

... the color in Anemone hortensis flowers can vary. They can be pretty pale or completely white ...


... but their color can also be fairly intense.

The Anemone hortensis shown in this photograph has grown surrounded by a dense growth of some small shrubs.


Here you can see the fresh new foliage growing on the dried-out branches of that plant. I wasn't able to identify the species.


Here you can see a tree with barren branches that will get new foliage two or three weeks from now. In the following photograph ...


... you can see a lovely pair of Romulea bulbocodium flowers.

Here you can see a trio of Erodium cicutarium flowers.


This is an Anemone hortensis quartet.

Here you can take a look at the green path surrounded by pine trees and various, mostly evergreen shrubs.

This is another Romulea bulbocodium. Maybe I exaggerated a bit with this species today ...


... but here you can admire the Romulea bulbocodium and the Anemone hortensis in the same scene. That's a new combination.



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Waiiit! Ive a quick question 😂 aren't those flowers at the start of the post with the yellowish inside moonflowers 😂😂😂

I don't know. 🙂 Never been on the moon. Maybe they come from there, but they are also common here where I live and their scientific name is Romulea bulbocodium.

Laughs okay no I checked now Ipomoea alba is the scientific name for moonflowers😂

Its a plant that makes one trip heavyyyy


Loved the bright anemones.

The photos are spectacular, this is my favorite ,the lower part shows something like a sheet with small filaments, it is what caught my attention, well you take advantage of the time while they maintain your car.

3rd and 9th pics are awesome. When I reached this post, I was enjoying raining and saw my garden and flowers. Alongwith I enjoyed your post too. Thanks for sharing 🙏

Wow Amazing Flowers and photography ❤️

These aunts looks very big, the auts we have in our country is not big, they are very small. May be the aunts you have shared is also small and your camera zoom making it bigger.

Well, these ants are very, very small. They only look big and you can see all the details of their anatomy because they were photographed through a good macro lens.

That's what i was thinking, I'm truly impressed by your work :)

Thanks. 🙂 Glad you like these posts about nature.

Nature has everything about it be loved ;) Currently i'm living in city but i do miss the time when i use to live in village, so close to nature.

Lovely flowers mate, spring is up and running 😍

These are all great pictures, man. You're pretty good with macro shots. What camera do you use? Nowadays a good phone can take good macro photos.
Isn't it a joy to watch ants? They work so fast and they all have a purpose. They never lose their way because there are usually hundreds of them hanging out together.

yes, mobile phones are very good nowadays. However, I still use the camera. Cannon Powershot.

I don't know about cameras, but this looks good, man. Judging from the photos you took.

Yes, it's a good versatile camera. It has a lens good for wide angles but you can also zoom a lot. Great for almost every occasion.

They probably look small in person but they look so beautiful in macro.

very nice wild flower, the flower is no less beautiful than the flower display

Lovely photos. The Sun Spurge look so nice up close.

I can't pick a favourite 😍. The pinks and yellows are all equally gorgeous! The small ant made an exploration adventure of the flowers.

This is wonderful! 🤩

amazing beautiful photography of these flowers really wonderful. I liked the way your are captured these flowers pictures 🌸😍

You definitely found some beautiful wild flowers on your latest Nature walk. Thanks for sharing such amazing photos with us all !PIMP !LOLZ !PGM

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Your flower photo looks very beautiful.and I also really like to see how you take the old angle

Beautiful a your photography of flower sir. @borjan