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RE: One Biohacker's Improbable Attempt at a Vaccine!

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Yes, mouse DNA will be in that tissue that you just injected, AND!...

  • formaldehyde
  • mercury
  • Thiomersol
  • Aluminum
  • Antibotics
  • ...

The current theory is that vitamin C has an extra electron, and so, when it gets near a virus (which isn't a full cell) it basically shocks it to death. (doesn't effect full cells because they can take it)

Interesting thing about that bat (Horseshoe Bat) is that it doesn't make vitamin C like many other animals (sunlight on skin and fur cells) but it makes vitamin C at the location its needed to control viral loads. (they were thinking that since they never found vitamin C inside the bat, that it couldn't be vitamin C that controlled the viral load)

But, we really can't talk about this because its all theory.

The only thing we can say is:
100% of people admitted to ICU had lower than adequate levels of Vitamin C and D.


Imagine that,...