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RE: One Biohacker's Improbable Attempt at a Vaccine!

Close, the current operant theory is introducing dead (or mostly dead) viruses into yourself.
This is hoped that the body will recognize it as foreign and then make antibodies against it.

Basically, telling your body, when you see this thing, kill it.

(a virus is RNA, it is not a full cell, so not DNA)

The current way to "grow" (multiply) viruses is to inject them into a mouse.
Let the mouse get all sick and grow lots of viruses.
Then suck them out (along with the blood)

So, the least you are getting when you get a vaccine shot is some mouse tissue injected into you.

Now, the problem with the Wuhan-flu is that it doesn't seem to be building an immunity.
People are getting it a second time. (there are various theories on this)

Just like many other viruses (like hepatitis) there is no vaccine.
Because the body doesn't create an immunity against the disease.

So a different method has to be found.

With the Wuhan-flu it appears that having an ultra-high vitamin C level is proof against the disease.


Wouldn't mouse dna be in that 'tissue' that you just injected?

With the Wuhan-flu it appears that having an ultra-high vitamin C level is proof against the disease.

Denying it hosts is the way to kill this thing?

Yes, mouse DNA will be in that tissue that you just injected, AND!...

  • formaldehyde
  • mercury
  • Thiomersol
  • Aluminum
  • Antibotics
  • ...

The current theory is that vitamin C has an extra electron, and so, when it gets near a virus (which isn't a full cell) it basically shocks it to death. (doesn't effect full cells because they can take it)

Interesting thing about that bat (Horseshoe Bat) is that it doesn't make vitamin C like many other animals (sunlight on skin and fur cells) but it makes vitamin C at the location its needed to control viral loads. (they were thinking that since they never found vitamin C inside the bat, that it couldn't be vitamin C that controlled the viral load)

But, we really can't talk about this because its all theory.

The only thing we can say is:
100% of people admitted to ICU had lower than adequate levels of Vitamin C and D.

Imagine that,...