One time treatment for Parkinsons, in rats.

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I know that rats and humans share some characteristics, but what exactly it is that makes them good for use in labs is beyond me.

I guess mammals share more than they don't share in the biochemical processes.

Anyway, these folks seem pretty happy about reversing rat parkinson's disease.


One-Time Treatment Generates New Neurons, Eliminates Parkinson’s Disease in Mice

Inhibiting a single gene converts many cell types directly into dopamine-producing neurons

June 24, 2020 | Heather Buschman, PhD

Xiang-Dong Fu, PhD, has never been more excited about something in his entire career.
He has long studied the basic biology of RNA, a genetic cousin of DNA, and the proteins that bind it.
But a single discovery has launched Fu into a completely new field: neuroscience.

For decades, Fu and his team at University of California San Diego School of Medicine studied a protein called PTB, which is well known for binding RNA and influencing which genes are turned “on” or “off” in a cell.
To study the role of a protein like PTB, scientists often manipulate cells to reduce the amount of that protein, and then watch to see what happens.

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What is happening in gov't financed labs across the world should concern you, dear reader, not every gubmint 'scientist' out there has our best interests at heart.

If they did, they would quit their jobs and do something useful to the rest of us, imo.


I believe in scientific socialism ... and that your community is an experiment that has gone horribly wrong.

Yeah, that fella is something.
Hope it turns out ok.