The Poor Man's James Bond Volume 2: Chemistry of Powder and Explosives

Today's excerpt begins on page 329 of PMJB Vol 2.

Index begins on page 476


Kurt Saxon thought civilization would have collapsed by now.
He spent the majority of his life collecting knowledge of home based businesses and self defense.
His goal was for all his readers to survive at a more comfortable level than those that were less provident.

He knew the importance of communicating at a level folks could understand.
Most of what he has compiled for our benefit can be easily understood by everybody.

He also includes a subtle sense of humor.

kurt pic.png

You can find the majority of his life's work here.

Hear him read his stories.

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😜😎 oh yea.. BOOM time!

A bit of a tease that one. It'll be added to, I'm sure, and I'll be more glad of it then.


You're gonna have to go to the link if you want to read it all.
You can download it in pdf if you want your own copy.

Well, I appreciate the teaser then, so we know where to find the information.

I got my copy while I still could.
I archived most of, too.
I'd sure like to know who that is.

Hope for the use in a beneficial way.

es toda una revolucion

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