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RE: New Raspberry Pi 400 reminds me of my early computing days

in Raspberry Pi2 years ago

I never had an Atom, but the Beeb was a quality machine. This just looks so neat. I don't have a real need for it either, but why should that stop us?



Haha - indeed. We'll figure it out when we get it!

The Atom was really shonky - I have fond memories of swapping 2114 RAM chips depending on what I wanted to do - it had 6k text and 6k video RAM. I only had about 8k in total (I think), so if I wanted 'hi-res' graphice I'd pullsome chips and pop them in the video RAM. However, if I needed more space for code, I had to put it back in the text back.

Happy Days...

Still got it upstairs...

I bought the chips to upgrade my Beeb to the full 32k! Can't remember what that cost, but just had to put them in the sockets. I needed to be able to play games like Elite. I only ever used cassette with it as a floppy drive cost a lot. Happy days indeed.

I sold mine many years later when having a clear-out. I hate getting rid of stuff generally as there is often regret.


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