Home Assistant - configuring Wifi for Rasp Pi 4

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Hi all Home automation enthuiasts... You're probably using Home Assistant if you are into Home automation.

I just started witha Rasp Pi 4.0 rev B. And flashed the OS as per instructions withing the LAN cable to a router.

But after setting up for awhile, I wanted to add Wifi support, I can seem to find where to configure. Many of the help online pointed to using a PC or Mac and SD card reader , to set a file in the SD card image... upon boot up, the wifi settings will take effect.

However, I do not have a SD card reader handy now.. and I wanted to setup the wifi....


I have finally found a easy way to do it... in headless mode..
the PC can SSH into the Rasp Pi (

Once you can SSH into the Rasp Pi... using a simple command


and you will get this app running


This is nice and Sweet !