PI Cameras

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I made three Raspberry Pi Zero W cameras with this kit and they connect to my Pi 4 running Home Assistant fantastically!

I ordered 3 kits from here:

Then downloaded MotionEYEOS from here:


Burned it to SD card using the official Raspberry Pi Imager:


As soon as your motionEyeOS is ready it will listen on port 80 and present you a web user interface. To access it, enter the IP address of your board in the address bar of your browser. To find the address, connect to your router (most routers can display the addresses of all connected devices) and look for a device name beginning with "meye-". Alternatively, you can use a network scanner such as the free mobile app Fing.

Click on the user icon on the upper-left side of the page to switch user to administrator. Use admin with no password when asked for credentials. Feel free to explore all the available configuration options.

Then on my Home Assistant Pi I added the MotionEyeOS add-on:

HA_MotionEYE 001.JPG

Then I added each camera:

HA_MotionEYE 002.JPG

Now I can view all my cameras from my Home Assistant:

HA_MotionEYE 003.JPG

The peephole camera is great for letting me know when guests or PIZZA arrives!

Plenty of full tutorials out there for this here is a great one that I followed:



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