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RE: New Raspberry Pi 400 reminds me of my early computing days

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That looks good. I use my desktop a lot so am a bit concerned with trying to do or learn any coding on it, I might have to try one out. I have been seeing a lot of raspberry-pi post so maybe something I can play and learn, like the old TSR 80 computers only a thinner lighter weight keyboard.


You shouldn't generally mess up your PC by playing with programming. You can always use a virtual machine to be safe. The Pi makes for a nice playground to try stuff though. It is easy to hook up extra hardware such as switches and LEDs.

I have been seeing a lot of raspberry-pi post, and some of the things are pretty fun looking. Even after almost 30 years I am still not sure how to set up a virtual machine on my desktop. I played a little bit with Basic a long long time ago, and some MS Visual basic. So the Raspberry-Pi seems like it would be a fool proof safe way to try doing some tinker learning.