The fog covered Seulawah Agam's waist

in Black And White7 months ago

Cloudy atmosphere, occasional drizzle at sunset, orange color did not adorn the sky of Indrapuri, Aceh Besar, this evening. The sky is shrouded in blackish grey, shooting in the opposite direction of the sunset is a black and white photo idea for #monomad. Hi look at that, there's a white mist floating on Seulawah Agam's waist.




Night has come, the long exposure technique drags the vehicle's headlights.



To take the path of seulawah agam takes a lot of guts, I think this photo is very challenging when the position of this shot is too steep..
it's very difficult to determine a place to take pictures of Seulawah Agam, I saw this foggy photo in Seulawah Agam, I was very impressed.. amazing

Seulawah Agam is a landmark of the Aceh valley, I will capture it from various sides.

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Bagus sekali pengambilan fotonya bang @vannour . Luar biasa, Seulawah dan kabutnya

Thanks, pajan2 tajep kupi di Banda, nyoe ka lon woe u lhok.

 7 months ago Reveal Comment