MONOMAD: Asian Glossy Starling

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Birds chirping echoes before sunrise, the simultaneous loud sound of Asian glossy starling (Aplonis Panayensis), red eyes with metallic black plumage are the hallmark, chirping sound replacing the morning alarm.

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Arrived in large groups, perched on residential electricity poles.

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Was afraid of human movement. Flying and returning, some groups choose to head for the high-voltage power tower.

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The sun began to shine on the earth they flew freely leaving the residential area.

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I captured the moment in less than an hour, armed with a Canon EOS 6D camera, the EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens. Gray blue sky, the subject is black, became my allure for the #monomad challenge entry.

by Irfan M Nur (@vannour)


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