Monomad - Three very beautiful and unique species of small animals in the forest

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge curated by @monochromes today.

Good evening everyone, I hope you have a great day and are in good condition, yesterday afternoon I went back around the Aceh forest as usual I wanted to hunt for macro objects because in this small forest there are lots of insects playing here, and I always carry my smartphone camera and lens macro in my bag wherever I go.

And when I got there I immediately explored and circled this small forest and I accidentally saw this species of Epilachna varivestis beetle crawling on one of the wild leaves, and at that time I immediately approached it and took several picture poses that looked very beautiful and very interesting.

And you can see below some portrait images of the Epilachna varivestis beetle species that I found yesterday and I hope you like it and enjoy it.






After I took pictures of beetle species and saw bush crickets or better known by another name, namely Phaneroptera falcata which has a very unique shape, and at that time I took pictures with several shots that looked very beautiful and perfect because this bush cricket has a rather large body shape and has antennae that are very long from its body.

And you can see it below and hope you like it.






The last one is this small animal species which is very unique but I don't know the name of this small animal or its type because I haven't found it yet, this small animal looks very strange and has small spines that stick to the body looks very scary and at that time I took some images that look very unique and interesting.



LocationForest Aceh, Indonesia

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