Monomad - The euchrysops cnejus butterfly that looks very beautiful and elegant is found in a chili garden

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge curated by @monochromes today.

Yesterday I went to the garden to see the chili plants that I had planted a few weeks ago, and after seeing the chili plants I went around the garden and saw a very beautiful butterfly standing on one of the wild leaves and at that time I immediately take a smartphone camera and macro lens to be able to photograph this butterfly.

And at that time I immediately approached it and was very careful so that this butterfly did not fly in another direction, and at that time I took several picture poses that looked very beautiful and elegant and this butterfly is known by another name, namely Euchrysops cnejus, which has a rather small body shape compared to other butterflies with a very beautiful color pattern.

And black and white friends can see below some of the shots I took yesterday afternoon and I hope you guys like them and enjoy them.

Euchrysops cnejus, the gram blue, is a small butterfly that belongs to the lycaenids or blues family.....Wikipedia

Euchrysops cnejus









LocationAceh, Indonesia

These are amazing shots @ridor5301

thank you very much brother for taking your time to stop by and like some of these butterfly picture poses and I really appreciate it.

You are welcome 🤗
Exactly, the butterfly poses are 🔥🔥

The very interesting butterfly shots you have featured here.

yes they have a very beautiful charm and thank you for stopping by:)