Monomad | Beautiful and graceful mushrooms in a coconut grove - Type [Psathyrella]

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge curated by @monochromes today.

Yesterday morning I walked back around the coconut garden which is close to my house, and there I went back to looking for mushrooms as usual because yesterday it was raining so there would be lots of mushrooms growing there.

When I got there I immediately explored the coconut grove area and found this type of Psathyrella mushroom in one of the rotted dead wood, and there I immediately took several angles of pictures that looked very beautiful and elegant.

And on today's occasion, as usual, I will capture several portraits of the Psathyrella mushroom, which looks very beautiful and elegant, and you can see them below.

This Psathyrella mushroom has a very beautiful shape with a bright cream-colored hat and has its own characteristics, and this mushroom usually grows in the rainy season on damp wood and grows very fertile.





LocationAceh, Indonesia

Sometimes black and white photographs can be much better than colorful photographs and you proved it right today. I am very impressed to see all those photographs. I loved all of it.

thank you very much for visiting and love it and very happy to hear it..