Monomad | A very beautiful and unique Gymnopilus Mushroom - [11]

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This is my entry for the #monomad challenge curated by @monochromes today.

Yesterday I went around his brother's garden there I saw some dead cocoa trees and there I looked for mushrooms because usually after the rain there will be mushrooms that thrive, and that time I was not in vain because I saw a very beautiful and graceful mushroom known with the name Gymnopilus that thrives on these dead cacao trees.

And I immediately approached him to take a few angles of this Gymnopilus mushroom and it looks very beautiful and attractive, this mushroom has a rather large hat shape and is finely textured and purple, usually they will thrive in the rainy season.

And below are some of the Gymnopilus mushroom portraits I took yesterday and I hope you like them and enjoy them.

Gymnopilus is a genus of gilled mushrooms within the fungal family Strophariaceae containing about 200[1] rusty-orange spored mushroom species formerly divided among Pholiota and the defunct genus Flammula.......Wikipedia


LocationAceh, Indonesia

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