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O mio Dio!!! Mi fa troppa paura!!! Io soffro di aracnofobia....
Mi mette il terrore solo vederlo in foto!
Però è un bellissimo post

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Ragni saltatori.... potrei morire se un ragno mi saltasse addosso...
Solo al pensiero tremo!
Ottima la tua traduzione
Buona serata mio caro amico

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Ma veramente?
Io sarei morta d' infarto!
Una volta uno piccolo mi entro in un orecchio e da allora ho il terrore

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Ho appena visto le tue foto con il ragno in mano.
Anche se mi ha terrorizzato devo farti i complimenti perché sono delle foto meravigliose....
Sei veramente un fotografo eccezionale!

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What magnificent photos. It's so beautiful it doesn't even look real.

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nature is amazing

These are some spectacular shots, I love the orange-yellow color of this spider :)

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Yes! Finally, a spitting spider! They're so cool. Instead of jumping or attacking their prey to catch it, these spiders will spit a ball of liquid webbing laced with venom onto their prey. That's why their "heads" are so large, they have extra web-making organs in there. And they're also so very gentle. They won't bite easily and if they do, it won't do anything. Truly amazing animals and I love that you've found one and shared her with us!

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