MONOMAD : Chalky Percher (Diplacodes Trivialis) - Dragonfly

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This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes.

To take part in today's #monomad contest, I'd like to show you some macro photo of an animal named Dragonfly. Dragonflies are animals belonging to the insect family, dragonflies have several different colors, among the colors I've ever taken, green, blue, orange, and red, and the color of the dragonfly in my post is blue, and if you're curious with the original image, please write in the comments and I will share it there. Okay budy, here are some photos of dragonflies that I took using a smartphone camera, and the help of a macro lens.











CameraPoco X3 NFC
LensSony 25mm & Q-Lens 35mm
Binominal NameDiplacodes Trivialis
LocationIndonesia - Aceh

~"About Me"~
M. Alan Mirza (@Mirz)

My name is M. Alan Mirza, I am currently 28 years old, I come from Asia, to be precise in Indonesia - Sumatra Island. I work as an emergency room administrator, namely in the Medical Record section at Cut Meutia Hospital. My hobbies are uncertain, my hobbies follow my mood, sometimes I like reading, sometimes I like writing, sometimes I like photographing small insects and other small object, sometimes I also like to play games for a long time.😁


Hey friend! Congratulations on your photographs.Blessings

Thanks a lot 🤗


Yay! 🤗
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Thanks a lot mate 🤝☺

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