Monomad: Raindrops on cobwebs and leaves

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Some photos of raindrops stuck in cobwebs and also those stuck on taro leaves and photos of shy princess leaves are my entry for the daily #monomad challenge.

IMG20221017163223-01 (1).jpg

IMG20221017162540-01 (1).jpg


All of these photos I took in the meadow this afternoon before sunset. Yes, I was looking for something and this is what I found. Hope you guys enjoy some of these photos in black and white.

IMG20221017162653-01 (1).jpg


And this is the leaves of the shy princess


CameraOppo Reno6 + Macro Lens
CategoryBlack & White Photography
LocationAceh, Indonesia

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Thank you @ackhoo and @qurator for the support.

You're welcome! :)

This insect looks very cool in black and white. Wow, this looks very cool, my friend, I like and am entertained to see it.

Thank you @jasonmunapasee

I love it!! It’s beautiful how you captured the immensely universe that the drops can build.

I'm glad to hear that you like my shots. Thank you for visiting @belug.

Nice photos!! I like how you took the drops of water 😍

Thank you :)

Greetings @kucibak-macro, you have taken some beautiful pictures after the rain, nature gives us amazing gifts.