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RE: The Disillusioned Scientist - A Monomad Story

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Oh! This is quite an upsetting situation. But I hope this will make you reach a much better destiny. Please stay in Europe, the situations in Canada and US are going to be very unsettling in the near future. You have more flexibility and more safety valves in Europe. I hope you’ll be able to find the right place for your career and family’s happiness.

Best of good luck!


Thanks for the wishes @kaminchan 🙏 .. you have a very good point there with America in general. Staying within Europe would be definitely a better decision with far more options, flexibility and safety valves indeed. We already thought about this too 🤔 .. and now that I hear this from you I am motivated to do so ^^ .. I will try my best and see if there is a nice job and place to find that is suiting the family 👪 .. one good thing of Europe is that everything is rather close by and nearly everything someone likes is found in one country there for sure 😀 .. thanks for stopping by ^^

Glad you are staying in Europe. I am quite psychic sometimes and this year just turned out as I had warned my friends last year. If possible, choose a small town with available or locally grown food! There’ll be ‘famine’ or lack of food next year, weather would be very unpredictable; choose places with no flooding problems! Stay away from crowded places as there’ll be civil unrest too!

I am preparing for some major changes in my country by the end of this year! Most well educated people are talking about heading to safe houses in the countryside! Financial crisis is coming too! The health services are going to breakdown completely here too, resulting from ‘wrong’ policies (planned so!). Too much happening beneath the calm surface!

Prepare yourself emotionally for worsening social upheaval! I have got to be quiet and pray!

Take care.

This sound really really bad in your country 😕 .. But I thought about these things too already for quite a while, also I always assumed it is just future music .. but if I see what already happened during this year? .. floodings all over the world, burning forests with areas larger then ever before, weird climate temperature jumps with record highs and lows in a month simultaneously 😧 .. all this happens everywhere on the world, politicians still don't listen to scientists at all but the industry lobbyist .. I am afraid that already next year we can face a really bad change in the world .. I assume it will be far worse in less stable countries than in the more evolved ones .. the whole situation is very frightening, especially if one sees that there are still so many government ignoring the warnings .. a sad testimony for our generation 😢 .. I hope for you that you are able to get around quite well this year and the next one. It doest sound like a easy party to go where you are living .. I wish you the very best @kaminchan 🙏

Thanks ever so much!!

Good luck to all your projects!