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RE: The Disillusioned Scientist - A Monomad Story

in Black And Whitelast year

Scandinavia or Canada sound like exceptional options to follow, countries need scientists so am very surprised to learn how Germany is treating you.

Happy life sometimes takes us on journeys we did not foresee,

If I were younger I would make the move, it is difficult to enjoy life worrying constantly. Exactly the same advice I have given my sons, move know before you are too old, good luck!


Thanks for the nice comment @joanstewart ^^ .. life can go the most unforseen ways indeed ^^ .. right now we are free to choose the way ahead as we are standing at a huge crossing with many possible ways to choose .. I think that I will send many many signals out to all directions and see which signals will come back 🙃 .. I agree that it a rather now or never situation .. but risking something may be wort it ^^ .. I prefer to stay in Europe though .. Canada is not a bad destination but risky in the future. There are yo many factors like climate change and its neighbours the USA which are frightening .. but Scandinavia, no matter where is a dream - beautiful, good social and educational structures, climate and good future oriented views on politics .. and again, a wonderfull nature ^^ .. whatever will happen in the future, I keep you all informed 😉 .. thanks for stopping by 😁

I would move to Scandinavia in a heart beat having visited on two occasions, now regret we never considered due to family back home, life is always a 50/50 call, make it while you are young!

Hehe, that's what I though too .. Its a now or never decision ^^