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RE: The Disillusioned Scientist - A Monomad Story

in Black And Whitelast year

Hello dear friend @adalger good night

I thought that this type of inconvenience only existed in my country Argentina.

I am sorry for the situation you are going through, but without a doubt you will find the right job, perhaps not in ¨Germany¨ but in another convenient place for the whole family. Success dear friend


Thank you @jlufer 😊 .. these kind of situations seem to be common all around the world in more countries then I thought 🌎 .. I am also optimistic that I will find a nice job, especially if I am widening my area of search now ^^ .. but it feels so weird to be at the exact point in life where and old episode ends and a new one begins one that also can be a completely different but yet unknown .. its very exiting, but also frightening 😁