Powerlines can be pretty to, my monomad submission

in Black And Whitelast year (edited)







I went to the playground with my daughter today and looked for something interesting to contribute as the sun started to set. I was getting pretty stumped and tired from running around when we decided to lie down for a bit (OK I tripped).

Suddenly I realised what I had been ignoring, power lines can be pretty to. So I thought I would try to see how some pure power photos would turn out and I am pretty happy.

I enjoy how it breaks up the sky and add sharp overlapping lines that draw the eyes. I almost wish the sun was setting so fast, but it was also dinner time and my knees had already bit the grass one time to many.

All shots are by myself, on my Samsung and edited in lightroom



Opps apologies I had it left over in a template, now removed

No worries

I think you pulled those off really well. I rather like that second photo looking straight up. Really neat.

Thanks so much!!!! It was fun to shoot