MONOMAD : Playing - Then Come Back

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"This is my entry for the #monomad challenge" by @monochromes"

Hi all my friends, meet me again, in this post I will share some photos of children playing on the beach, the children I share this time are running while jumping together, for the beach location when I take photos this is on the coast of Lancok, Aceh, Indonesia. A place that could be considered a bit far from where I live now. Here I went with my friend, he brought me to visit here to enjoy the very cool beach breeze, and because he invited me to go to the beach, I also tried to take a Nikon camera that I haven't used for a long time. By the way here I also edited some black and white images with different shades. Okay, below I will show some black and white photos that I will share with all my friends, I took this photo using a Nikon D7200, Nikon Corpotation. Hope you like it friends:





DSC_6776 (1).jpg




Then, two girls and it seems like the older sister pedaling the bike is heading the other way away from the beach, and it looks like they're going home to take a shower, because soon the sky will turn dark and night will soon coom.



Okay friends, that's all I can say at this opportunity, see you on my next opportunity, as usual, don't forget to keep smiling every day :)


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