MONOMAD : Carcasses of Long-dead Insects

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"This is my entry for the #monomad challenge" by @monochromes"

Hi all my friends Meet me again on the hive blog, in this entry I will share a photo of a carcass of an insect that seemed to have been dead for a long time, I took this insect on one of the river rocks which is not far from where I currently live. It seems that this insect has been dead for a long time, and when I took a photo of this insect the first time I thought he was still alive, and thought what kind of animal or insect he was, but after I finished taking macro photos of this insect, I finally realized that he had long dead.

Also pay attention to the photos that I share below, there is something in the head of this insect, I can't identify the name of the insect that I shot in this entry, but if friends know it, friends can say it in the comments of my post. Okay friends, hope you enjoy the catch that I share today :










Some of the insect photos that I show below are the insects that I mentioned in the paragraph above, namely the insects that I photographed for the first time when I thought they were still alive :




Here I also found other insects, different in shape from what is seen above:



Okay friends, that's all I can say in this entry, see you in my next entry, and as usual don't forget to smile today, because a smile is alms for other hearts :)


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