Monomad Challenge || Choose to Sleep When the Weather Changes

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Hello Everyone,
This is my entry for the #monomad challenge.This challenge was initiated by @monochrome.
Cats in general can take care of themselves, entertain themselves and even cats can do whatever they want. But cats should not be ignored. Cats need friends just like human life. When the cat has no friends, the cat will be lonely. These pets actually have a long sleep time.

Sometimes cats don't want to be invited to do activities, sometimes they choose to be silent or lazy. Usually these pets need a strong energy when hunting or activities in a wide environment. That's why cats need to be recharged during sleep.

The main factor that cats choose to sleep is when the weather is cold. But that's not all. And the cat's behavior varies as age, breed, emotional level and even overall health. Although cats are household animals, when the weather is cold or rainy . Cats will sleep just like humans.






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Beautiful cat. But I know whose cat it is 😀

No doubt. Tame cat. Lol

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