Monomad - Oxyopes salticus & Cosmophasis Spider

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This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge

Oxyopes salticus is a species of spider that I often and easily find in grass areas when I hunt for macro photos. This spider from the Oxyopidae family prefers to spend its time in the leaves of wild plants. He doesn't make round nests like other spiders but only stretches out a few webs. More than that, this spider chooses to wait for its prey by hiding behind the leaves.




And in the second photo there is a species of jumping spider, the Cosmophasis. Cosmophasis is a genus of spiders in the family Salticidae. I have also found this spider several times in the leaves, but its existence is somewhat rarer than the spider above. And the size is smaller with more color combinations.





CameraVivo V2040 + Macro Lens
CategoryBlack & White Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

wow what amazing pictures!! seeing these beautiful ones gives me motivation to overcome my fear of them in some way

Thank you @journeylife
The little spider is fun nothing to be afraid of :)

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Wate ku e laba laba droneh malam nyo wah seuk u bineh atra long, amazingggg

Kamoe hana lensa malaya bermodalkan yakin sagai :)

I also use vivo and my mobile model is V20 . Your photography is very awesome. Which macro lens you use for this photography

Thank you @anikearn

You can get it in online stores, just choose the best one and I'm sure it will make you satisfied.

really really awesome picture Thank you for sharing it here and I can see it

Don't joke it's midnight, let's go to sleep! :)

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Tapeugot suloh tajak layu pancake swab lom mangat item :)

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