Monomad - Mushroom Photography

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This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge

Today I again want to share some photos of mushrooms, there are 3 types of mushrooms, each of which consists of two photos. And some photos of these mushrooms I found in several different locations & times some time ago.

The first photo is of the mushroom Coprinellus diseminatus, also known as the “fairy inkcap”, which is a species of agaric mushroom in the Psathyrellaceae family. And from my observations, these mushrooms often grow in piles, rarely grow separately.



Then there is also the Schizophyllum commune mushroom, in Indonesia this mushroom is commonly known as the "gerigit" mushroom and in other areas of Indonesia people also call it "kulat geulungku". Even though the texture is like rubber, not as soft as mushroom or sago mushroom, the Schizophyllum mushroom is also one of the edible mushrooms.



Then the last one is a mushroom from the Mycenaceae family, and it looks like the Mycena acicula mushroom. This beautiful little mushroom has a yellow-orange color. And they can grow on rotting leaves.



CameraVivo & Realme + Macro Lens
CategoryBlack & White Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

A lot of patience and dedication to achieve this kind of pictures, very well done, my favorite is #2 I love the light as it touches the mushroom.

Thank you @zailecita :)

Picture number 5 is very impressive. wow