Monomad: Oren - Panleukopenia Survivor

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I gave this orange cat the name Oren. He's a strong cat. Of my three pet cats, he is the only one that has escaped the Panleu virus (Feline panleukopenia ). Meanwhile, the cursed virus caused his sister Sweetie and brother Grey to suffer horrendous deaths. Even though Oren is solely Moggy's cat, our family, mainly my kids, adores him. The rainy season, which is currently in full swing, is when the Panleu virus reproduces and terrorizes cats. I can only hope that Oren doesn't catch the awful sickness once more.

These are the pictures I took of Oren at a time when he was acting spoiled. This will serve as my entry for the #monomad challenge.






All of the images here are my own work, taken with Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone.


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He's a handsome cat. I hope he stays well.

I'm thankful for the kind words and well wishes for Oren. 🙂

Nice captures 👍

Thank you 🙂

You are welcome 🤗

What a name that sounds strong as well! Good on Oren, may he have a long life. Beautiful shots as well.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to say kind things about Oren. 🙂

The eyes of the cat you show are very good and the whiskers are also very clear.Thank you very much friend for showing a very nice cat picture

Thanks bro 🙂

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Beautiful shots.

Sorry about the two other brothers.

Hopefully Oren will live a long life.

Cheers from Mexico.

I appreciate your kind words, @neuerko. Hope all is fine with you as well.