Monomad: Lami Beach Northern Jumping Spider

in Black And White2 months ago

My entry for the #monomad challenge this time is macro shots of the Cosmophasis spider (Cosmophasis lami), also known as the Lami Beach northern jumping spider.


This species is found primarily in Southeast Asia, as well as in several Pacific island areas.



Cosmophasis are small jumping spiders. They made my yard's low-growing mango and papaya trees their hunting grounds for small insects. And this is a female Cosmophasis. Oh no, I just remembered that @monochromes once asked how I could tell the sex determination of spiders. LOL!




If it's a large animal, their sex determination may be obvious. But how can you tell if a small animal is male or female? Although not all small animals easy to tell whether they are male or female, in some cases, such as spiders, it is very easy. The female spider's abdomen is much larger than the male's. This is not just my assumption; I learned it based on some articles on arachnid-insect-related websites. 🙂

All of the images here are my own work, taken with Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone and an assembled external macro lens.


Those eyes! Wow...super nice closeups you have there...and what a scary animal when looking too close

The spider you showed me looks very interesting and I really like looking at the eyes.