Monomad: Cross Orbweaver

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Here are some macro shots I submitted for the current round of the #monomad challenge.

I found this yesterday afternoon while looking for macro photo spots in the nearby wood. A cross orbweaver spider was hanging on the web. Initially, I was not interested in capturing it. That was due to the dim lighting; the sunlight was obscured by the canopy of the shady trees, so I guess the outcome would be bad if I shot it. But soon the wind began to blow slowly. Like stage spotlights, sunlight filtering through the gaps in the tree canopy shone on the spider. Yeah, nature has been kind enough to help me with this.









All of the images here are my own work, taken with a Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone and an assembled external macro lens.


Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much @ackhoo and @qurator. I really appreciate the support 😊

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Thanks @ecency 🙂

nice view of the spider.

Thanks Bangnu 🙂