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RE: The Disillusioned Scientist - A Monomad Story

in Black And White11 months ago

Thanks for the nice comment @joanstewart ^^ .. life can go the most unforseen ways indeed ^^ .. right now we are free to choose the way ahead as we are standing at a huge crossing with many possible ways to choose .. I think that I will send many many signals out to all directions and see which signals will come back 🙃 .. I agree that it a rather now or never situation .. but risking something may be wort it ^^ .. I prefer to stay in Europe though .. Canada is not a bad destination but risky in the future. There are yo many factors like climate change and its neighbours the USA which are frightening .. but Scandinavia, no matter where is a dream - beautiful, good social and educational structures, climate and good future oriented views on politics .. and again, a wonderfull nature ^^ .. whatever will happen in the future, I keep you all informed 😉 .. thanks for stopping by 😁


I would move to Scandinavia in a heart beat having visited on two occasions, now regret we never considered due to family back home, life is always a 50/50 call, make it while you are young!

Hehe, that's what I though too .. Its a now or never decision ^^