Monomad: Don't take pictures of Hanif, abi..!!

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Hello friends of the #BlackandWhite community, meet me again @abizahid. I hope all of you are doing well with your family at home.

This is my entry for the daily #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes.

His name is Hanif, he is my fourth child, a boy, out of five of my children. He is only 2.5 years old and he can speak, although not very fluently. It can be said that my son (hanif) is a fairly active child. There are things he does when he is at home that make us parents sometimes feel anxious and also laugh at him. Well, this afternoon at around 16.30 I took him for a walk outside the house. There was one moment where I wanted to take a picture of him because of his cute behavior, but he was embarrassed while holding back a smile. He said, "don't take pictures of hanif, abi..!" with slurred language like a child who can just talk ha ha ha...

Here are some photos of my son (hanif) that I can share with all of my friends:




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